Curious about benchmarking? FMLink publisher gives 5 keys to using it successfully in this May 8 webinar

by Brianna Crandall — February 13, 2019 — FMLink Publisher Peter Kimmel, IFMA Fellow, will present the benefits of benchmarking for facilities professionals in an upcoming webinar organized by EuroFM, the European Facility Management Network.

Kimmel authored the comprehensive e-book Benchmarking for Facility Professionals, published by the IFMA Foundation, and was named the winner of the IFMA Distinguished Author Award for the fourth time for his work. The e-book will be made available for free to webinar attendees.

In the EuroFM webinar, Kimmel will address directly two of the biggest impediments to benchmarking: 1/ availability of local data, and 2/ keeping data confidential, and then show how they can be overcome. Identifying the five key ingredients that lead to a successful benchmarking implementation, he will demonstrate what FMs can expect to achieve as a result, including how benchmarking can lead directly to a reduction of operating expenses.

Kimmel will also point out the pitfalls to look out for when you benchmark, and what to do when you encounter them. Numerous benchmarking examples will be used to ensure attendees gain maximum value from the presentation. At the end, there will be time for questions and answers (Q&A).

The webinar, titled Benchmarking for facility professionals — what you need to know to ensure success, will take place May 8, 2019, at 16:00 CET. Register now by e-mailing the EuroFM Team. You then will receive the log-in details for the webinar.

A former facilities manager (FM) in both the US federal government and private sector as well as principal of his FM consulting firm for over 20 years, Kimmel is currently is a principal of FM BENCHMARKING and also the publisher of FMLink, the online magazine for FMs.

Those interested in learning more of Kimmel’s ideas about benchmarking can read his article in the eFMinsight Issue 47 for December 2018 / January 2019 titled “Benchmarking for FMs: How to make it work for you; What benchmarking can do for you, and the benefits you can reap.”