Looking for an ice machine for your break room? This compact model produces 90 lbs./day, with 30 lbs. of storage

by Brianna Crandall — November 1, 2019 — Ice-related equipment manufacturer Follett just announce Tempo, its new compact ice machine. Tempo features a whopping 90 pounds of ice production per day and 30 pounds of storage capacity.

Tempo compact ice machine

At 15″ wide with no side, top or rear clearance required, Tempo fits into space-restricted locations, whether in a freestanding or under-counter application. Image courtesy Follett

The leading-edge ice machine also features an integral drain pump, optional EZ-access filter, and semi-automatic cleaning system with automatic alerts.

Tempo can be used in a freestanding or under-counter application. At 15″ wide with no side, top, or rear clearance required, it fits into locations where space is at a premium.

An intuitive digital touch pad, bright white LED lighting, all stainless-steel exterior, and field-reversible door makes this a versatile solution for office break rooms and other workplace applications.

The ice machine is available in both standard height and ADA-compliant models.

For more information about the Tempo compact ice machine or Follett’s full line of ice machines, visit the company’s website. Founded in 1948, Follett manufactures ice machines, ice storage and transport equipment, ice-and-beverage- and ice-and-water-dispensing equipment for workplace, food-service and health-care markets worldwide.