NeoCon 2019: Framery’s award-winning meeting pod now features an L-shaped sofa along with a display screen, whiteboards, floating tables

by Brianna Crandall — July 1, 2019 — Workplace industry pioneer Framery unveiled a new furnishing option for its Framery 2Q acoustic pod at this month’s NeoCon contract furnishings show in Chicago. Framery 2Q , which garnered a Silver award in the Acoustic Privacy & Modular Solutions category of the prestigious Best of NeoCon Competition [see FMLink article], is a meeting pod conceptualized to combat the lack of privacy in an open office.

Designed to accommodate four to six people, Framery 2Q provides users with a multifunctional workplace that offers a heightened sense of privacy and comfort. The meeting pod serves as a space to brainstorm and collaborate, and its effective sound installation system ensures team huddles won’t disturb the rest of the office.

Pink Framery 2Q acoustic meeting pod with new L-shaped sofa

This year’s iteration of the Framery 2Q meeting pod features a new L-shaped sofa to create a more casual environment for company meetings. Image courtesy Framery

The Framery 2Q soundproof meeting pod comes with automated LED lighting, four power sockets, a twin USB fast charger, and an HDMI plug-in at the table. The power column is a fixed component and provides an option for a display bracket or a whiteboard. The product is also wheelchair accessible due to its low doorstep.

Framery 2Q is now available in a total of three furnishing configurations for clients to choose from, so that they can better cater the product to the needs of their space. In the first layout, a conference table with two height options is optimal for laptop use or workshopping.

Framery 2Q acoustic pod with freestanding table

Optional features for Framery 2Q include a display screen, two whiteboards, and lightweight free-standing, floating tables to make for a more ergonomic workspace. Image courtesy Framery

For a second configuration, clients can choose the pod without any furniture, leaving them the option to furnish it however they wish.

And comprising the third layout is the new furnishing option designed for user comfort that debuted at NeoCon this year: the L-shaped sofa creates a more casual environment for company meetings, a calm space to retreat to during the workday, or an area for socializing.

Clients can increase the pod’s functionality by attaching a display screen on the wall opposite to the sofa. Additional optional features include two whiteboards and lightweight free-standing, floating tables to make for a more ergonomic workspace.

Lasse Karvinen, head of Products at Framery, noted:

Framery 2Q is an extension of the Framery product family that fulfils the need to have a space for meetings with small groups, without it having to take place in a big meeting room — the L-shaped sofa variation guarantees that this will not only be an efficient use of space, but a comfortable one as well.

In addition to the Framery 2Q meeting pod, Framery also showcased at NeoCon its other well-known soundproof product collections including the Framery Q pod and the Framery O phone booth. Framery Q is a silent multifunctional space that is easy to assemble, relocate, and has several models to choose from to best accommodate a company’s work style. Framery O is a phone booth for private calls and videoconferencing with a simple design that is echo-free and provides a comfortable working environment for users.

For more information about Framery 2Q, visit the Framery website. The company says it is “serious about happiness” at work, and says its pods make employees happier and more productive at such leading companies as Microsoft, Puma, Vodafone and Deloitte — in fact, at 40% of all Forbes 100 companies.