Use these apps to improve corporate well-being through interaction with the workplace community

by Brianna Crandall — August 29, 2017 — FSI (FM Solutions), a computer-aided facilities management / integrated workplace management system (CAFM/IWMS) provider, has launched a suite of apps to improve corporate well-being.

The Concept Advantage CAFM/IWMS apps are intended to improve productivity by providing the entire workplace community with the means of socially interacting with the built environment. The suite was designed to streamline business processes, support improved performance and increase profitability in organizations of every type and size.

Integrating with the company’s existing Concept Evolution CAFM/IWMS system, the Concept Advantage suite was designed specifically to encourage the entire workplace community to contribute to the success of the facilities they occupy. It aims to devolve facilities management (FM) beyond the core of managers, operatives and suppliers who have the formal responsibility for it by allowing the contribution to effective FM to be put directly in the hands of all those on the receiving end.

The first series of apps launched includes ChatLog: a sociable facilities helpdesk experience for use by end-users on mobile devices; OurSay: a community, multi-campaign, suggestion and voting tool, and Register a Visitor: whereby end-users can pre-book in a visitor and receive notifications of arrival. According to the Web site, apps coming soon include: Book a Room, Our Community, and Reserve a Space.

These apps embrace established enabling technologies including smartphones, mobile and wireless communications, the Internet of Things (IoT), and machine-to-machine intelligence, to deliver “consumerized” FM.

According to FSI, the apps also offer a much wider reach and faster processes for reporting, requesting, and responding to FM-related matters, and their purpose is to help to further dissolve the boundaries that have tended to box FM into a “silo of responsibility” that has previously been the (almost) exclusive domain of facilities managers, maintenance engineers and the information technology (IT) department.

Such techniques, and the ease of acquiring and using these apps, are key to maximizing widespread use, to demonstrate the value from buy-in of as wide a user community as possible, concludes the company.

Read more about the Concept Advantage CAFM/IWMS apps on the company’s Web site. Established in 1990, FSI has offices in the U.K., Australia and Dubai, and an international partner network.