If you need to add or replace emergency lighting, take a look at these energy-efficient units

by Brianna Crandall — October 30, 2017 — Fulham Co., a provider of lighting components and electronics for commercial and specialty applications, continues to release new emergency lighting products that are certified compliant with the stringent California Energy Commission (CEC) Code of Regulations Title 20 for small battery charger systems. The latest CEC Title 20 compliant units include the FireHorse 7 (FH7-UNV-500L-CEC) universal voltage emergency electronic fluorescent ballast and the FireHorse FHEM16 series of adjustable square head LED emergency lights.

white emergency lighting with two square heads

This FireHorse FHEM16 thermoplastic adjustable square LED head emergency lighting fixture is UL listed and CEC Title 20 Compliant.

FireHorse 7 universal emergency ballasts

The FireHorse 7 universal emergency ballasts are one of the few fluorescent ballasts to comply with CEC Title 20, claims Fulham. The FireHorse 7 is the newest emergency fluorescent ballast in the Fulham product line. It delivers 500 lumens of emergency light for 90 minutes or longer and is powered by a rechargeable Ni-Cd battery. The FireHorse 7 can be used to add emergency lighting with or without an AC ballast and without affecting normal luminaire operation.

Many building improvements and upgrade projects require new lighting to make the structure compliant with current building regulations, including fire, light, and safety codes, points out Fulham. Rather than adopting a “one size fits all” approach, Fulham offers three FireHorse fluorescent units at 1400, 750, and 500 lumens. Fulham also offers a full line of TLED lamps to replace fluorescent ballasts, although the FireHorse CEC units can power many TLED lamps as well.

Russ Sharer, vice president of Global Marketing for Fulham, stated:

Our distributor and contractor customers are looking to Fulham to help keep them compliant with changing energy efficiency regulations. With the release of the new FireHorse universal emergency ballasts, we are offering a CEC-compliant ballast that can save energy in new installations as well. Our FHEM16 emergency lights also are extremely popular because of their versatility, ease of installation, and low cost, and are now assured to meet Title 20 standards.

FireHorse FHEM16 LED adjustable square head emergency lights

The FireHorse FHEM16 LED adjustable square head emergency lights comply with the CEC Title 20 specifications outlined for small-diameter directional lamps, including power consumption of 75 watts or less. They have a rated life of more than 25,000 hours and are equipped with ANSI-compliant or E26 base types. All FireHorse FHEM16 emergency lighting units feature a rechargeable Ni-Cd battery that delivers up to 90 minutes of emergency power. The units feature a universal mount with a pattern knockout in the back for J-box mounting and snap-fit assembly.

The traditional design of the FHEM16 series has reportedly made it one of Fulham’s most popular products for emergency lighting. The unit comes factory installed with two 1.15W square LED heads. The units are dual voltage, operating at 120VAC or 277VAC. A remote-capable version, the FHEM16WRC, is also available. It that is compatible with FHEM10RH and FHEM16RH remote heads. Base units are available in white and black.

For more information about the FireHorse 7 family and FireHorse FHEM16 series, visit the company’s Web site. Fulham Co. provides intelligent, socially conscious, sustainable commercial lighting components and electronics around the world for use in commercial general lighting, parking structure, signage, horticultural, UV and other applications.