Improving IAQ with flair — take a look at the dramatic plant wall this entertainment company added

by Brianna Crandall — June 7, 2017 — After completing the initial renovations last year that included redesigning 125 table games, training over 1,500 employees, and replacing hundreds of signs, Detroit-based urban gaming company JACK Entertainment has returned to Furbish for the design, installation and on-the-ground maintenance of a second BioWall plant wall at the JACK Cleveland Casino gaming facility.

Biowall plant wall

Shown: Smaller BioWall previously installed at Cleveland facility. BioWall is a living wall that naturally filters air and removes harmful pollutants, with a dramatic aesthetic.

BioWall is a vegetated wall that naturally filters air and removes harmful pollutants. Additionally, this living wall offers a dramatic aesthetic — or “wow factor” — with costs that are comparable to high-end interior finishes, says Furbish.

John Pickering, Bio-Wall product manager for Furbish, stated:

Indoor air quality is one of the least discussed environmental hazards affecting our health. Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, and poor indoor air quality leaves us susceptible to health issues.

This “edginess” in interior finishes dramatically increases the happiness and productivity of both employees and visitors alike, as illustrated in the film Biophilic Design — The Architecture of Life.

Furbish’s solutions reportedly use the most advanced and environmentally friendly technologies to ultra-enhance large spaces, including Under Armour’s headquarters as well as its retail centers nationwide.

2nd Cleveland plant wall

According to Plantscaping, the second plant wall is one of the largest green walls in North America, beginning 20’ above the floor and standing 27’ tall x 85’ wide, with “tens of thousands of plants” in 14 varieties.

See the video that Plantscaping posted on YouTube when it was installing the second wall at the JACK Cleveland Casino. According to Plantscaping, it is one of the largest green walls in North America. It begins 20 feet above the floor and stands 27 feet tall by 85 feet wide, with “tens of thousands of plants” in 14 varieties.

See also a video illustrating the installation of the 2,400-square-foot BioWall plant wall at the nearby JACK Thistledown Casino in 2016. The property’s new glass grand entrance gives way to a living wall comprised of 7,000 plants from 10 different species, cared for by a high-tech, self-sufficient irrigation system.

Furbish is an established innovator and developer of living systems, primarily living walls and green roofs that benefit the built environment. The firm deploys natural systems that make economic sense as well as improve the health and environment for every building and project they work on.