See what you can do with windows that sense the weather changing and close themselves

by Brianna Crandall — May 3, 2017 — GEZE, a provider of door, window and safety technology products and systems used around the world, introduced last week the new GEZE IQ box KNX interface module, which it calls a dialogue between windows and components. KNX is a standardized OSI-based network communications protocol for building automation.

Whether in public buildings, office buildings or schools, energy-efficient ventilation, a healthy indoor climate, and monitoring the status of windows are central demands for large projects. Networked solutions from GEZE are designed to fulfill these needs: a “climate-active” facade is created as the result of the intelligent interplay between window drives and sensors that record external environmental influences and the indoor climate.

GEZE IQ windowdrives

Window drives can receive the signal to close or open via the IQ box KNX, and the status is reported to the building management system.

Automatic windows can be an ideal solution for automatic natural nighttime back cooling, notes GEZE. Automatic smart windows can be monitored and operated intelligently via IQ box KNX interface module, integrated into the KNX communication standard. The module has won the Silver PROTECTOR Award, notes the company.

The intelligent drives of the IQ windowdrives series can be integrated into KNX building systems as direct bus participants for controlled natural ventilation. Window status (e.g. open/closed) is then indicated on a central display, and controlled and checked from there. Thus automated, the smart windows allow direct communication with other components in the KNX building system, such as KNX pushbuttons and KNX sensors. In this way, all windows in a building can be closed centrally at the push of a button.

If a KNX weather station or a KNX air-quality sensor reports rainfall, wind, a concentration of CO2 that is too high, or a temperature difference, the window drives will receive the signal to close or open via the IQ box KNX. Via precise activation of the window drives, the module enables energy savings and offers additional safety: in contrast to simple switch contacts, it uses the intelligence of the window drives and after performing a command, reports the status of the window to the KNX building system or building management system. Additional window information is also provided by the IQ box KNX, e.g. the precise opening width, any faults, or the number of opening and closing cycles.

GEZE IQ box KNX interface module

Intelligent ventilation: windows with IQ windowdrives can be integrated into the KNX building bus via the IQ box KNX interface module.

The window drives from the IQ windowdrives series can be connected to the KNX building bus unit via the new IQ box KNX interface module, for an energy-efficient indoor climate through controlled natural ventilation. Additional components, such as heating or air-conditioning, can also be integrated via KNX actuators. KNX air-quality sensors and KNX weather stations supply the information on room air quality and external environmental conditions, thereby ensuring that there is no “thick air.”

Charles Constantin, managing director of GEZE Middle East, commented:

The Slimchain is the slim all-rounder that can be used very easily for automating parallel-opening vent windows, supporting an efficient exchange of air with a facade view which is always consistent. The Powerchain is the power package for large and heavy facade windows, roof windows and light domes. The drives differentiate between alarm (RWA) and ventilation mode, i.e. a fast and maximum or a slow, limited and virtually noiseless opening.

The adjustable drive stroke and the opening speed which can be individually adapted enable use on RWA and ventilation windows of various closing forces and with different opening requirements. If an “RWA event” occurs, the drives can attain very large opening widths in under 60 seconds. The integrated, intelligent control allows drives to be combined easily. The control unit ensures the sequential and safe opening and closing of the windows, as well as the synchronization of up to three drives.

For more information, visit the GEZE Web site.