Can drones check your roof or find heat leaks? You may be surprised at what they can do

by Brianna Crandall — May 10, 2017 — Headquartered in Orange County, California, and Washington, DC, Global Drone Video now provides commercial drone video services nationally to all 50 states, and globally serves government and commercial needs along with new surveying and mapping services with its licensed drone video team. In addition, the company provides video production, video editing, video marketing services.

drone video

Global Drone Video provides drone videography and photography, virtual reality videos, thermal/infrared video, drone inspection, lidar video, aerial drone surveying and mapping, and more.

Global Drone Video custom designs and manufactures advanced drone equipment for special government/enterprise needs. Its experienced drone pilots help map out no-fly zones and get air tower video flight permits as necessary, and keep up with news and video laws to stay innovative and keep clients covered. Proper technique and safety is of top importance, says the company, and video shoots are covered by insurance.

The company provides global property and facilities managers, realtors, events, governments and enterprises with just about any kind of drone-related service conceivable, including:

  • Drone videography and photography
  • Virtual reality 360 video
  • Aerial photography services
  • Video production services
  • Video marketing and syndication
  • Thermal, infrared and lidar video
  • Inspection and energy mapping
  • Video processing and 3D mapping services
  • Surveying topography
  • Fixed-wing mapping, octocopter and quadcopter drones

Of particular interest to facilities managers could be the thermal imaging to detect heat loss, building inspection during or after projects, or maintenance inspection to monitor the state of a facility’s roof and building envelope, such as after a severe storm.

The company covers a wide range of verticals, including construction, real estate, energy, enterprise, events, media, sports, trade shows, government and many more.

To receive a drone video quote for a USA or global project, contact Global Drone Video online.