Great Eastern Energy launches Ener-G Tracker tool

by Brianna Crandall — March 17, 2017 — Great Eastern Energy (GEE), a licensed supplier of electricity, natural gas, and energy management solutions in the Northeast, recently announced the launch of Ener-G Tracker, a Web-based energy management tool enabling users to make smarter energy decisions.

Particularly helpful for those who manage multiple properties and businesses, Ener-G Tracker allows users to digitally manage multiple accounts with various utilities within one centralized platform, providing them with detailed information including monthly usage, spending and budgeting tools.

Ener-G Tracker screenshot

Web-based Ener-G Tracker energy management tool proactively monitors energy budget and consumption in real time, with multiple properties on one platform.

GEE’s objective is to enhance customers’ experience by providing them with a 360° view of their electricity and natural gas usage and expenses, especially when across multiple utility service areas. GEE encourages all businesses to take advantage of this powerful tool, which will help energy decision-makers monitor and control their costs while improving their long-term bottom line.

Features of the Ener-G Tracker include:

  • Web-based platform: Proactively monitor energy budget and consumption in real time
  • Organize, understand and reduce energy bills: Displays a consolidated record of multiple utility bills (not just energy) in one secure location
  • Monthly breakdown: Includes a monthly breakdown of invoices so both supply and delivery costs are visible
  • Budget wizard: Allows users to set a budget based on projected monthly usage
  • E-mail alerts: Built-in intelligence proactively monitors energy usage and will send e-mail notifications if the user begins to go outside of budgeted sage and costs
  • Plan ahead: Incorporates data from 300+ weather stations and 30 years of historical data to give an educated prediction of what energy usage and costs should be for the upcoming year

For more information about this accessible customer portal or to request a demo, visit the Ener-G Tracker product page.