If you need better perimeter defense, fire prevention, and predictive maintenance, Hikvision’s thermal-optical security camera promises excellent image quality at half the price

by Brianna Crandall — June 17, 2019 — Hikvision USA, a provider of security hardware equipment and software solutions, recently launched the thermal-optical DeepinView turret security camera, which was just selected as an ESX Innovation Award winner for the third consecutive year in the IP Camera Video Surveillance category.

Hikvision DeepinView turret security camera

DeepinView is a low-cost, small, thermal-optical turret camera with analytics for efficient perimeter defense, fire prevention and predictive maintenance. Image courtesy Hikvision

Hikvision’s DS-2TD1217-3/V1 thermal-optical DeepinView turret camera is a low-cost, small, thermal-optical (160×120, 1920×1080 resolution) security camera system, available with 2/3/6 mm thermal lens, including deep learning and GPU-powered video content analysis for efficient short-range outdoor and indoor perimeter defense, fire prevention and predictive maintenance with high image quality at half the price of the Hikvision predecessor.

The turret camera’s smart features include:

  • Line crossing, intrusion, region entrance/exit with human and vehicle filtering
  • Temperature exception
  • Early warning fire prevention
  • Advanced fire detection
  • Cigarette smoking detection

According to Hikvision, the total cost of ownership for this innovative security camera system comes at an unprecedented low level, due to an affordable installation cost and ultra-low thermal-optical camera cost that is competitive with purely optical cameras.

Hikvision and the other ESX Innovation Award winners were chosen by a panel of security industry professionals who judged the products based on criteria such as features and functions, innovation and revenue growth potential. Hikvision also competed in the 2019 ESX TechVision Challenge, a live “Shark Tank”-style competition judged by industry experts.

Eric Chen, general manager, Hikvision North America, remarked:

Our thermal DeepinView camera is ideal for integrators who serve SMB as well as larger customers, providing outstanding image quality and all the advantages of thermal technology, while also being affordable.

For more details, see the DS-2TD1217-x/V1 SeriesThermal-Optical DeepinView Network Turret Camera product page.