Improve real estate decision-making with this new occupancy planning tool

by Brianna Crandall — May 15, 2017 — According to global management consulting and professional services company Accenture, 60% of companies admit their real estate portfolio lacks the transparency and insight needed to support decision-making. Facilities management software provider iOFFICE is seeking to remedy this profound challenge by welcoming SpaceTrak to the iOFFICE Marketplace. With SpaceTrak, real estate and FM leaders will enjoy unparalleled access to this powerful occupancy planning tool and the business intelligence power of the iOFFICE platform to more easily engage the digital workplace.

According to iOFFICE co-founder and CMO Elizabeth Dukes:

SpaceTrak is at the cutting edge of occupancy planning, so it was a perfect fit for the iOFFICE Marketplace. C-level executives need a “one-stop shop” to enable their vision of the digital workplace, and we’ve done all the vetting and integration testing to ensure that the Marketplace brings the best of these partners to the forefront.

Developed by over 30 years of design industry and space planning needs, SpaceTrak streamlines the data gathering, evaluation and management of a space by uploading employee and space data into their platform, then analyzing it in real-time to forecast future needs. With SpaceTrak, companies regularly see up to a:

  • 30% improvement in their space planning accuracy;
  • 75% reduction in time needed to plan a move; and
  • 50% cost savings through manual error reduction, estimation accuracy and application of best practices.

With SpaceTrak, companies are also able to acquire appropriate-sized facilities, expedite decision-making, reduce change orders, ensure consistent processes, and simplify the relocation process.

iOFFICE Marketplace

To keep up with the demands required of the digital workplace, companies have to invest in the latest technologies to stay competitive. The iOFFICE Marketplace is a growing network of curated workplace-related software-as-a-service (SaaS) application partners that use the iOFFICE platform to unify, collect and analyze data to improve their workplace.

The Marketplace is essential for FM and C-suite leaders who want to reap the benefits of the digital workplace using cutting-edge tools that reflect their dedication to their employee culture, sustainability and cost-effectiveness, says iOFFICE. SpaceTrak will join the ranks of other marquis Marketplace partners such as Current by GE, Teem and ROAM in the effort to streamline the digital workplace. For a full list of iOFFICE Marketplace partners or to see a demo, visit online.