Get employees more active — now. Check out Innovant’s new adjustable-height benching

by Brianna Crandall — March 27, 2017 — Innovant, creator of adaptable furniture for the modern workplace, recently launched the NOW Collection, a catalog of contract furniture and accessories for design-savvy clients with limited budgets and short lead times. The collection includes the new REX adjustable-height benching.

NOW Collection

NOW Collection is a standard collection of affordable open-plan, fixed and adjustable-height workstations, desking, private office and collaborative furniture with lead times of eight weeks or less.

NOW is a comprehensive collection of open-plan products that highlight Innovant’s unique approach to cabling and technology management within clean design aesthetics. NOW Collection features two new open plan office systems: REX Benching and NIGEL Desking. These product lines are complemented by a number of collaborative furniture elements, including FORm_AV video conferencing solutions and NIGEL Meeting and Conference Tables. Innovant’s PRIVATE_office products, extensive storage range, and Ag Arm system complete the NOW product series.

By selecting from the new NOW Collection, clients get contract furniture of Innovant’s renowned quality and design sensitivity at competitive prices and with quick delivery times. All of the NOW products showcase a minimalist, yet stylish aesthetic with intelligent and purposeful features. Height-adjustability options, clever cable management and technology housing are just some of NOW’s notable product elements.

Available in a variety of both neutral and colorful finishes, NOW Collection products allow designers and clients to achieve a signature aesthetic. This means that mid-market customers across different industries can create distinct offices and personalized spaces despite having limited budgets and short lead times.

NOW Collection products are easy to scale to meet budget and simple to specify, assemble, and service, says Innovant. Even when projects are completed, NOW Collection’s scalability allows for the seamless expansion or reconfiguration of installations in the future.

REX adjustable-height benching

The new REX Benching is part of the company’s NOW Collection. Refinements in engineering and unique design details make REX adjustable-height benching an ideal choice for offices requiring a clean, smart aesthetic with superior cabling and technology management, says the company.

REX adjustable-height benching

Innovant’s new REX adjustable-height benching balances a simple, light-weight aesthetic with robust features and engineering — with 8 weeks lead time

Despite its competitive pricing and simplified design, REX Benching remains consistent with Innovant’s renowned quality and high engineering standards. With REX, Innovant has seamlessly integrated intelligent and purposeful features into a minimalist yet stylish aesthetic well suited for the emerging office environment. REX showcases a noticeable attention to detail, with cabling cleverly routed through coils and below-worktop compartments, as well as cutting-edge hubs for electrics and data delivery.

Available in both linear and 120° configurations, REX adjustable-height benching is scalable from freestanding tables to full workstations. Unlike most competing products, REX is also offered in either single- or double-row formations. Additionally, REX can be specified as fixed on Day One, with the option for adjustability on Day Two. This conversion capability is ideal for clients not fully committed to sit-to-stand workstations for all employees, but who want the flexibility to change in the future.

Bruce Wells, director of Marketing and Development at Innovant, commented:

Since winning Gold at Neocon 2012 for adjustable-height benching, we’ve watched the marketplace try and emulate our design. With REX, we’re confident we have redefined this product category with an uncomplicated yet intelligent design at an affordable price point.

REX Benching is easy to scale to meet budget and simple to specify, assemble and service. Designers and clients can achieve a signature aesthetic by selecting from REX’s various neutral and colorful finishes. Even when projects are completed, REX’s scalability allows for the efficient expansion or reconfiguration of installations in the future.

For more information, visit the Innovant Web site or click on the product pages above.