ISS will use “open book” account management to provide cleaning services for over 1,300 government buildings in Australia

by Brianna Crandall — December 10, 2018 — The Australia division of global facility services outsourcing provider ISS Group has broadened and extended its contract with Property NSW for five years, covering cleaning services to over 1,300 sites including schools, technical and further education institutions (TAFEs), police stations and government buildings across the state. The group will continue to manage the accounts in its signature transparent and collaborative style.

Property NSW (PNSW), which manages “property, infrastructure and places” for New South Wales, has awarded ISS Australia its “Whole-of-Government Facilities Management (Cleaning Services)” contract for three regions in New South Wales. ISS retains two regions in the state and adds a third to its portfolio. The contract commences in March 2019 and runs for five years.

ISS cleaning services worker

ISS will continue its “open book”-style account management focused on collaboration, proactive communication and continuous improvements of contract performance.

Scott Davies, country manager of ISS Australia and New Zealand, commented:

We are genuinely excited to make this announcement today. Having worked with the NSW Government for more than 25 years, the retention of our contracts in the North Coast and South West Regions is a huge vote of confidence in the outstanding work performed by our 2,000 employees on this contract every day. To add the Sydney Region to our portfolio is equally exciting, and we look forward to welcoming more than 1,000 new employees to the ISS family in March 2019!

ISS will continue its “open book”-style account management with PNSW, which has been focused on collaboration, proactive communication and continuous improvements of contract performance, value and savings for the customer. ISS will self-deliver services, directly employing all 3,000 staff, ensuring ethical employment and fair wages, and managing risk on the contract.

ISS Pacific manages a large portfolio of public sector contracts, including in education and healthcare. ISS provides cleaning services at over 1,000 public schools across NSW and Victoria, at around 500 government facilities in NSW, and to the Supreme Law Courts of Victoria; non-clinical support services at 11 public hospitals in most Australian states; and integrated facility services to the Foreign Commonwealth Office across the Pacific region.