ISS wins facility services contracts in Singapore, Denmark

by Brianna Crandall — March 6, 2017 — Global facilities services provider ISS won facility services contracts with two hospitals in Singapore and a law firm in Denmark in recent weeks, highlighted below.

ISS Singapore: Sengkang hospitals

ISS Singapore won a new contract with Sengkang Health Pte Ltd to provide health-care facility services to Sengkang General Hospital and Sengkang Community Hospital, currently under construction. The integrated facility services contract will run for three years with an extension opportunity of one year. Services will be phased in from the autumn of 2017.

Worker cleaning health-care equipment

The Singapore hospitals contract will cover housekeeping services for the in-patient area, outpatient area and all major operating theaters.

The contract will cover housekeeping services for the in-patient area, outpatient area and all major operating theaters, including bed making/cleaning and outpatient areas, major operating theaters (interim cleaning in-between cases and end-of-day thorough cleaning), terminal cleaning, waste handling within hospital, supplies of toiletries and washroom amenities, curtain changing, linen management and event support. When fully operational, 540 full-time-equivalent ISS employees will be working on the contract.

ISS Singapore will begin post-construction cleaning in the third quarter (Q3) of 2017 and will ramp up progressively as the hospitals become operational. Once fully operational by 2020, the combined Sengkang Hospitals will be among the largest regional hospitals in Singapore, with a total of 1,400 beds.

The new contract builds on an existing relationship wherein ISS Singapore currently supplies pest control and landscaping services to Sengkang Health’s temporary hospital.

ISS Denmark: Gorrissen Federspiel law firm

One of Denmark’s leading business law firms has selected ISS Denmark to run its facility services at the firm’s new, high-profile corporate headquarters in the heart of Copenhagen, servicing about 300 in-house users every day.

On March 20, Gorrissen Federspiel — one of Denmark’s leading business law firms — will move into its new headquarters in the iconic Axel Towers in the heart of Copenhagen. From that day forward, ISS Denmark’s task will be to ensure that Gorrissen Federspiel clients, partners, and employees experience high-quality service from the moment they enter the building. The new partnership includes support services, catering and cleaning, and will be effective for a period of three years.

Under the new agreement, 13 employees from Gorrissen Federspiel were offered to transfer over to ISS, and ISS says it plans to build on their extensive and valuable knowledge of Gorrissen Federspiel and its staff in the new partnership. The employees previously worked in catering, reception, and support services. In the near future, additional employees will be recruited, primarily focusing on server and support services in order to meet the customer’s needs. In total, ISS will welcome 25 new employees under the new agreement.

Until the agreement comes into effect on March 20, ISS will serve as Gorrissen Federspiel’s adviser and partner during the move into the high-profile corporate headquarters. The Axel Towers are located in the center of Copenhagen and face the famous Tivoli Gardens amusement park.