ISS Netherlands launches IoT-driven catering app

by Brianna Crandall — February 6, 2017 — The Netherlands division of global facilities services provider ISS recently launched a new Internet of Things-driven catering app for smartphones, Order@ISS, which allows customers to order food and beverages, pay on their phones, and pick up their order at their convenience. The app also gives users easy access to daily specials and reduces waiting times in cafés and restaurants.

Worker serving food from a counter

ISS’s new IoT-driven catering app relies on smart sensors to eliminate waiting times and ensure customers are served at their convenience.

The catering app was tested at a PwC office in the Netherlands in the second half of 2016, and the rollout will continue in 2017 to ISS customers Accenture, Delta Lloyd, Enexis, and the Netherlands’ Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

Marjolein Kurstjens MFM, demand manager at PwC, commented:

At PwC, one of our strategic objectives is to be a technology-driven organization. Facility management is, of course, aligned with this objective, and the Order@ISS app improves both our internal users’ experience and that of customers visiting our office.

Herman Knevel, director of Innovation and Strategic Development at ISS Netherlands, added:

Order@ISS addresses the consumer’s needs in three important ways: ordering and paying for food become more convenient, waiting times become shorter, and the dining experience becomes more personalized. By using smart technology, we can interact more directly with consumers and analyze data to learn quickly, improve our services, and scale fast to other ISS customers. This is an important step in the changing landscape for our customers’ consumer services and for the future business of ISS.

Through the use of smart sensors at customer sites and the data gathered through the catering app, ISS Netherlands is able to identify peak times during the day and adjust its catering service accordingly. The behavioral data will also help ISS deliver an increasingly personalized experience for each customer, ensuring catering in the workplace can adjust to individual food and beverage preferences and promote special offers at the right times. A commenting function — where the customer can share his or her experience — opens an around-the-clock feedback channel between the customer and catering.

In addition, mobile payment means that the customer will not need to worry about remembering their wallet. The app also stores receipts and helps the user manage a loyalty program, eliminating the need for paper receipts and loyalty cards. In the future, Order@ISS will expand its language selection from Dutch and English, provide allergy information on products, include an option to spend loyalty points on third-party programmes of customers (such as charities), and support wearable technology.

The Order@ISS app has been nominated for the Innovation Award at the 2017 Facility for Future trade event, hosted by facility services professional association FMN in the Netherlands.