If you’re looking for a surveillance system that fixes itself when it crashes and has highly accurate facial analytics, check out these smart VMS solutions

by Brianna Crandall — October 25, 2019 — Intelligent Security Systems (ISS), a global provider of intelligent video management systems (VMS) and native analytics, introduced enhancements to its SecurOS VMS and analytics solutions at last month’s GSX 2019 security event.

SecurOS Cluster Technology

The natively developed SecurOS Cluster Technology solution provides advanced failover and failback server functionality to ensure that critical video data is neither interrupted nor lost due to a server failure. “Failover” technology switches production to a backup facility when the system requires maintenance or crashes, and “failback” technology returns production to its original location after the event.

Shawn Mather, director of Sales for US, ISS, stated:

The ability to deliver reliable, consistent video surveillance is as much a compliance issue as it is a security issue. ISS’ natively developed SecurOS Cluster Technology is embedded across our VMS and analytics portfolio to ensure these systems perform with the highest levels of stability even in the event of multiple server failures.

In the event a physical server fails, the SecurOS Cluster becomes a virtual portable entity, no longer attached to hardware, and automatically migrates operations to a single or multiple standby servers providing both failover and failback functionality.

By supporting various configurations ranging from a 2+1 server configuration to several dozens of servers, SecurOS Cluster is designed to prevent any data loss, security management process shutdown, or video archive loss resulting from a server outage.

The recovery time of the SecurOS Cluster video server on the backup node is 30-120 seconds, during which time operators can view live video using multicast broadcast. SecurOS Cluster also supports the ability to restore archived data from the camera’s SD-card via SecurOS EdgeStorage Sync technology.

SecurOS Cluster is an embedded feature across ISS’s entire suite of SecurOS VMS and analytics solutions. Users do not need to purchase and use any third-party virtualization or clustering software to take advantage of the SecurOS Cluster failover and failback server solution, notes the company.

View a video on SecurOS Cluster technology on YouTube.

SecurOS FaceX analytics

ISS also demonstrated the company’s powerful new SecurOS FaceX analytics module. FaceX is designed to transcend traditional facial recognition solutions just for video surveillance by providing the high level of accuracy required for demanding access control identification (ID) authentication. Ideal for mainstream single-factor and multi-mode access control applications, SecurOS FaceX provides system designers with a multipurpose, highly cost-efficient analytics solution.

Mather continued:

In addition to the outstanding performance and results SecurOS FaceX delivers for video surveillance, its extreme accuracy makes it ideal for demanding access control authentication applications in either a multimodal deployment, or as a stand-alone authentication solution. The application versatility of SecurOS FaceX makes it an extremely cost-effective, multipurpose surveillance, security and business intelligence solution.

SecurOS FaceX is designed to enable a whole new host of facial recognition features and capabilities with the highest levels of accuracy and low false-match rates. In addition to expanding facial detection to include profile images, SecurOS FaceX can clarify a database search based on specific face features such as age, gender and ethnicity, as well as by hair color, the presence of facial hair, glasses, headwear and bald patches.

Most notable is that SecurOS FaceX resolves longstanding challenges for facial recognition related to camera viewing angles, facial expressions and diverse lighting conditions, providing for a far greater range of identity matches and authentication. SecurOS FaceX compares captured images against databases of known individuals, or faces captured from video streams, expanding the use of facial recognition to search for individuals during unfolding events in real time.

Searches can also be conducted by specific facial features against multiple watchlists and a virtually unlimited database of facial images. SecurOS FaceX also supports multifactor authentication for implementation with access control systems for applications such as forensic search.

Additional SecurOS FaceX features include:

  • Searches by photo or screenshot
  • Consecutive face searches
  • Integration with multiple watchlists
  • Unlimited face recognition database size
  • Multiple watchlists and database management capabilities
  • Batch import of images into face recognition databases
  • Auto detection of redundant facial images
  • Centrally managed distributed, scalable architecture
  • Image-based monitoring of captured faces and recognized faces

FaceX also provides detailed reporting and metrics to aggregate data for forensic investigations.

SecurOS FaceX is seamlessly compatible with ISS’s recently enhanced SecurOS v.10 Video Management System (VMS) platform, embedding all of FaceX’s functionality including the ability to add and import files, perform searches and more, such as seamless access control integration.

For more information about either technology or the SecurOS v.10 VMS, visit the ISS website.