No more suffering at the office with a broken coffee maker – see the ISS Sweden solution using a smart coffee device

by Brianna Crandall — March 20, 2017 — In an innovative, straightforward approach to improving customer satisfaction, facilities services provider ISS Sweden recently announced that it has implemented “Presto,” a smart coffee device that makes it easy for customers to report faulty coffee machines. The solution offers a simple method to improve how defective coffee machines are reported and reduce the time it takes for repairs to be done.

Presto smart coffee device graphic

If a coffee machine needs service, users simply press the Presto button located next to the machine, which signals service professionals so they can fix it.

If a coffee machine is in need of service, users can simply press the Presto button located next to the machine, which will signal service professionals that the machine is faulty so they can fix it. After installing Presto at a customer site, ISS Sweden says it has noted an increase in customer satisfaction.

Susanne Andersson, accountability project manager at ISS Sweden, explained:

We did a survey at one of our customers’ premises, where 85 percent of those who worked at a particular workplace experienced that coffee appliances often or sometimes were inoperative. Simultaneously, 79 percent responded that they almost never reported faulty machines. Thus, there was a gulf between the situation that customers experienced and what we as a service organization could gather from the systems.

The coffee machines do not require more supervision now than they did prior to Presto, but we have given our users a channel that improves the reporting process considerably. It allows us to fix problems quickly to make our users’ workday as smooth as possible so they can focus on their tasks.

For its implementation of the Presto smart coffee device, ISS Sweden was named the 2016 winner of a business improvement competition hosted by the Swedish company C2 Management. The Presto solution was also a finalist at the ISS Innovation Fair in 2016, a competition that recognizes innovations across the global facilities services organization.