See how ISS will use this IoT platform to ensure its smart FM services are highly compliant and secure

by Brianna Crandall — March 22, 2019 — Global facilities services provider ISS and T-Systems Nordic, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, have signed a three-year strategic partnership on a platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). During the next six months, ISS will collaborate with the global ICT (information and communications technology) service provider to build a strategic roadmap of IoT services to be implemented for the three-year contractual term.

In 2018, ISS successfully deployed IoT sensor technology at customer sites in more than 18 countries around the world. Approximately 20,000 sensors were installed at various customer sites to enhance customer experience outcomes such as occupancy, wellness and indoor climate control, among others.

ISS will now leverage T-Systems’ cloud based platform, Connected Things Hub, to further industrialize and scale up IoT solutions though a single platform. This platform will allow ISS to further enhance the ability to deliver a high level of compliance within IoT.

Jesper Kryhlmand, managing director for T-Systems Nordic, commented:

​We are very excited about this global partnership with ISS. Smart facility management with IoT fundamentally changes the way buildings are managed intelligently because digitally recorded data provides a more accurate understanding of habits, property usage and cost drivers.

IoT data is used to optimize the workplace environment for comfort and productivity by providing seamless interaction between the workplace and the service teams, explains ISS.

Sam Lavers, global head of Digital Excellence and IoT at ISS, remarked:

IoT solutions are becoming more critical to supporting efficient operations and creating a connected digital experience within the workplace. We are pleased to partner with T-Systems, who will enable us to enhance delivery of these services at the highest quality with a high level of compliance and IT security for our customers.

​This partnership will further complement ISS’s partnership with IBM, which continues to provide the facility service business platform for ISS.

With a footprint in more than 20 countries, and 38,000 employees, T-Systems supplies integrated digital transformation solutions for business customers based on global offerings in fixed-network and mobile communications, highly secure data centers, a unique cloud infrastructure built around standardized platforms and global partnerships, and top security in line with Germany’s strict data protection regulations in response to customer demand. Alongside traditional ICT services, T-Systems’ portfolio also offers cloud access, custom infrastructure, and platforms and software from the cloud, as well as innovative projects in promising new business areas such as big data, the Internet of Things, machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, and Industry 4.0.

In partnership with customers, ISS drives the engagement and well-being of people, minimizes the impact on the environment, and protects and maintains property to help the world work better. ISS brings all of this to life through a unique combination of data, insight and service excellence at offices, factories, airports, hospitals and other locations across the globe.