Get real-time visual awareness of your building — See how IoT-based visual mapping interface can show you what will happen in your building before it occurs

by Brianna Crandall — July 21, 2017 — BuildingDNA, Inc., a provider of visual intelligence for smarter, safer buildings, recently announced that Jacobs Engineering is interested in a partnership with BuildingDNA to pursue local, national and international smart city opportunities.

According to BuildingDNA, Jacobs Engineering is one of the largest and most diverse providers of technical professional and construction services in the world, with 54,000 employees across more than 230 locations.

Per Jacobs, as excerpted from the Letter of Intent (LOI):

We believe that through leveraging BuildingDNA’s skillsets combined with our global footprint, scalability, and market touchpoints — in combination with our existing partnerships — will prove to only enhance our status throughout the smart city marketplace as we also offer bundled service offerings, innovative financing strategies, partnership engagement, in-house cybersecurity capabilities, and a diverse client base and client types.

As various project opportunities come to the forefront, Jacobs will look to BuildingDNA for their expertise related to smart and connected building management efforts. Jacobs looks forward to exploring smart city partnership opportunities in the future with Building DNA.

BuildingDNA CEO Joe Hernandez stated:

This is an incomparable point of validation for BuildingDNA. That a global leader like Jacobs believes our Intrabuilding Visual Awareness solution would be a powerful addition to — and indeed a competitive differentiator for — their smart cites offering speaks volumes. We are proud to be aligned with Jacobs, and we look forward to immediately pursuing opportunities together.

Founded in 2009, Denver-based BuildingDNA delivers an enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that the company says is unique in the world of building optimization — a platform expressly created to unify and enhance complementary solutions under one user-friendly, highly visual mapping interface. Customers were said to be calling for an integrated experience: all tools available in one location, intuitively accessible and with uniform interactivity.

Visual awareness technology screenshots

BuildingDNA’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) integrates building systems, sensors and cameras into one platform that provides real-time visual awareness. Image courtesy of BuildingDNA

BuildingDNA was created to make that possible, integrating building systems, sensors and cameras into one platform that provides real-time visual awareness. Moreover, through its enhancement engine SensorDNA, BuildingDNA is empowering the Internet of Things (IoT) for building optimization, reportedly becoming the first mapping solution to integrate actionable “live data” from sensors.

BuildingDNA says the intrabuilding visual awareness technology provides real-time visibility into building interiors, bringing a building to life and letting it speak to the people that care most and require accurate awareness, with powerful applications in public safety, business continuity and building maintenance and operations. The company asserts that this “revolutionary” combination of smart visual mapping, connected building systems and predictive/prescriptive analytics is changing the game for both first responders and facilities managers (FMs).