Junction launches wireless sensor to monitor IAQ, floods, leaks

by Brianna Crandall — September 30, 2016 — Junction, the New York-based sensor and analytics company, recently announced the launch of the JunctionLink, a wireless sensor that expands the functionality of Junction’s current product offerings.

Junction is a service that gathers real-time data about buildings and equipment from JunctionBoxes as well from other sensor companies and other sources on the Internet and provides a dashboard to view the data. This allows property managers, superintendents and building owners to keep tabs on their assets and save money.

JunctionLink wireless sensor

JunctionLink wireless sensor enables users to control equipment and monitor rooms for leaks, air temperature, and humidity throughout an entire building.

The new JunctionLink is a small, battery-powered long-range wireless sensor that monitors air temperature and humidity, and detects floods or leaks. With this new product, users can now use Junction to monitor every single heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) unit and/or plumbing fixture in real time. Properties can have an unlimited number of JunctionLinks, notes the company.

The company says it worked with building managers for two years to develop this system, which is intended to prevent flood damage and improve efficiency in all kinds of facilities.

JunctionLink users are immediately alerted by text, e-mail, or automated phone call when a problem is detected. Now building managers and staff can learn about problems such as leaks or floods anywhere in their building and start fixing them in minutes.

The small-sized wireless sensors will have a two-year battery life and a long wireless range. Each JunctionLink reports its battery life and has tamper-proof technology to report if it has been touched or moved. It will be able to control equipment based on rules, sensor data and inputs from the user based on their external sensor setup.

Working prototypes for the JunctionLink are complete and are moving towards an initial production run in early 2017. Currently, Junction is monitoring over 500 properties.