This time-saving carpet cleaning technology can help you remove carpet spots, stains and odors

by Brianna Crandall — May 14, 2018 — To offer a complete soft floor cleaning solution, global cleaning technology provider Kärcher has launched an innovative detergent system that reduces carpet cleaning times and delays resoiling. The CarpetExpert line is based on Kärcher‘s encapsulation technology, which encapsulates and binds soils for easy removal during the next scheduled vacuuming. All detergents are NTA free, and many offer an odor absorber to help facilities maintain a clean environment. CRI and Woolsafe certification complete the offering.

Upright box of carpet cleaning tablets

The CarpetExpert line is based on Kärcher‘s encapsulation technology, which encapsulates and binds soils for easy removal during the next scheduled vacuuming. Image courtesy Kärcher

With the new patented RM 760 Extraction Cleaner Tablet, Kärcher provides deep cleaning of textile surfaces. The tablets are said to be very easy to use, and are individually wrapped in water-soluble foil for precise and easy dosage. Based on iCapsol encapsulation technology, the dirt is encapsulated and can be vacuumed after drying. The advantages: no need for rinsing, and cleans in half the time, says the company.

RM 764 Cleaner is an extraction cleaner and pre-spray in one. With odor absorber, the cleaner is designed for all soft floors including mixed and fully synthetic fibers, upholstered furniture and soft wall surfaces. It is CRI and Woolsafe approved.

Quickly remove solvent-based spots and stains with the new CarpetExpert Spotter & Stain Remover RM 769. RM 769 is made for solvent-based spots and stains such as removing permanent marker, tar, oil, shoe polish, gum, adhesive and more from soft and hard surfaces.

For efficient interim carpet cleaning or removal of water-based soiling, the new RM 766 CarpetExpert Dry Cleaning Powder has been introduced. According to Kärcher, the cleaning agent dries in a crystalline form together with the dirt, leaving no tensile residues in the carpet. This prevents resoiling of dirt and requires cleaning less often. Furthermore, the dry cleaning powder is easy to vacuum away after carpet cleaning. RM 766 is designed for facility cleaning, catering or retail use and is suitable for areas that cannot be shut down to use or have any moisture applied, such as high-traffic areas. It also works well for small areas or spot cleaning.

RM 768 OA is engineered to improve upon the existing “iCapsol” encapsulation technology, and is now combined with odor-absorbing eliminators. It is designed to dry exceptionally fast, encapsulating dirt within a few minutes so that it can be picked up easily by a brush-type vacuum cleaner. Depending on the material and degree of soiling, the carpet is ready to walk on again after 20 to 30 minutes. Used regularly, this simple interim cleaning method lengthens the intervals between time-consuming deep extraction cleaning up to three times, claims Kärcher.

An extraction rinse, neutral extraction cleaner and foam blocker complete the full line of soft floor solutions. RM 763 Extraction Rinse is used after deep cleaning to neutralize fibers to maintain a clean carpet appearance. RM 767 is a gentle cleaner that dissolves oil, grease and mineral stains. RM 761 Foam Blocker is a highly effective defoaming agent to help reform foam in dirty water tanks.

For more information about the new CarpetExpert line or Kärcher’s other professional cleaning detergents, visit the company’s website.