If you want to reduce paper towel and toilet clogging, take a look at these sleek new dispensers

by Brianna Crandall — June 20, 2018 — Kruger Products L.P. Away-From-Home division (AFH) just announced the launch of Titan Bold, a striking new lineup of roll towel and bathroom tissue dispensers to its Ultimate Washroom Collection.

Four shiny black paper towel and tissue paper dispensers

Kruger Products launches Titan Bold line of sleek, quiet electronic paper towel dispensers and auto-cut toilet tissue dispensers. Image courtesy Kruger

Sandra Garcia, marketing manager, Kruger Products L.P., AFH, commented:

With an ultra-modern, sleek design and a gleaming black finish, Titan Bold pushes dispenser design and technology, making this an exciting achievement for Kruger Products. These stunning new offerings took two years to bring to life and required intensive collaboration with engineering, welding and design teams at Dispensing Dynamics, a Hunter company, to transform our innovative designs into reality.

The new Titan Bold lineup includes four proprietary roll towel and bathroom tissue dispensers:

Garcia continued:

We believe Titan Bold, with its sleek design and innovative dispensing technology, re-imagines what a washroom can be and will give our customers a competitive edge in the ever-evolving AFH marketplace.

For more information, visit the Kruger Products website or click on the individual product links above.