If you need power for an outdoor event or project, check out this heavy-duty weather-proof extension cord from Larson Electronics

by Brianna Crandall — May 21, 2018 — Industrial-grade lighting manufacturer Larson Electronics has just announced the release of a new 75-foot weatherproof 4/5 SOOW Type-W extension power cord with a 100-amp rated weatherproof pin and sleeve cord cap. This extension cord is designed for heavy-duty or outdoor applications, allowing facilities managers (FMs) and other users to extend power to equipment in outdoor or remote locations where stationary weatherproof outlets are not available.

heavy-duty black extension cord rolled up

The 75′ weatherproof 4/5 SOOW Type-W extension power cord is designed for heavy-duty and outdoor applications. Image courtesy Larson Electronics

The EXC-75-120.240V-4P5W-100A-IP67 is a rugged weatherproof extension cord constructed of 4-gauge 5-conductor wire that features a red 100-amp rated weatherproof IEC 60309 5-pole 4-pin cord cap. This 75-foot SOOW extension cord is flexible and chemical and abrasion resistant. Operators can use this cord to power their 120/240 Volt equipment from just a single system.

The industrial-grade extension cord provides a safe and effective way for operators to extend 120/240V power for heavy-duty applications or to remote locations to connect a variety of devices such as power generators, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS battery backups), stage equipment and devices needed for events and shows, and other maintenance, construction or industrial equipment.

Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics, stated:

This SOOW extension cord is ideal for operators who need to extend 120/240-volt power to their equipment in a remote location where regular outlets are unavailable. The weatherproofing of the cord and the pin sleeve cord cap allows the EXC-75-120.240V-4P5W-100A-IP67 to be used safely outdoors and during unpredictable weather.

Larson Electronics points out that since it is a manufacturer, the company can build custom extension cords and portable transformer systems to user specifications, and can deliver custom-ordered units almost as quickly as prebuilt units.

For more information about the EXC-75-120.240V-4P5W-100A-IP67 extension cord, visit the company’s website.