Do you need to reduce energy from your lighting sources? Sylvania announces lighting for high-bay applications, office LED downlight replacements and fluorescent retrofits

by Brianna Crandall — June 10, 2019 — At the recent LIGHTFAIR International (LFI) architectural and commercial lighting event, LEDVANCE, the maker of Sylvania general lighting in the United States and Canada, demonstrated how Sylvania LED lighting products are advancing light in renovation and retrofits for any purpose, commercial and residential. LEDVANCE offers a wide range of Sylvania LED luminaires for various applications, intelligent lighting products for smart homes and buildings, one of the largest LED lamps portfolios in the industry, and traditional light sources providing long-lasting, quality “Light Where You Need It.”

To make it easier for distributors, contractors and specifiers, new luminaire products will be identified as ValueLED, UltraLED or Hi-PerformanceLED, providing a range of features and price points. New four-color packaging will have engaging product and application photos, and clearly marked key features and benefits.

The following comprise a sample of the lighting innovations relevant for facilities managers (FMs) that were showcased at LFI. Many of the versatile LED lamps and luminaires are suitable for various applications.

Warehouse / Big Box — Light from the highest level

Lightweight and easy to install, these LED fixtures are well-suited for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, big-box retail, gymnasiums and loading docks:

  • The Sylvania ValueLED UFO High Bay is a slim LED alternative for HID luminaires that offers energy savings up to 73%. It has pendant, loop, or surface mounting options for ease of installation, multiple optic options for a variety of applications, and is available in 120-277 or 347-480 voltage ranges.
  • The Sylvania UltraLED Linear High Bay is DLC Premium listed to maximize rebate opportunities and customizable with optional motion/daylight sensor or emergency back-up options, two distribution types (wide and aisle) and voltage ranges (120-277 or 347-480). It is supported with many mounting accessories and wire guards.
  • The Sylvania UltraLED Linear Pendant is a DLC Premium 120-347V LED fixture that offers selectable wattages (30/40/50W in the 4 ft .and 15/20/25W in the 2 ft.) and color temperatures (3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K). It is connectable, which increases its flexibility for various applications.

Office / Education — Light for productive environments

  • The Sylvania UltraLED RT Downlight Series is available with emergency battery back-up ready connections to increase ease of installation. They replace up to 2 x 42W CFL lamps to deliver 36% energy savings, deliver between 700 to 5000 lumens in five color temperatures depending on the version, and are 0-10V dimmable, with phase-cut for the RT5/6 700 lumen version, and designed to operate through 120 and 120-277 Vac voltage range.
  • Offered in three sizes (1’x4‘, 2’x2‘ and 2’x4‘) and color temperatures (3500K, 4000K and 5000K), Sylvania UltraLED Edge-Lit Panels deliver even and uniform lighting for illuminating offices, retail or hospitality areas due to their Edge-Lit technology and diffused lens. Delivering energy savings up to 64% compared to traditional options, they are designed to operate through 120-277 or 120-347 Vac voltage range, 0 to 10V dimmable down to 10%, and DLC Premium listed for increasing rebate opportunities.

Indoor — Light to create appeal

  • Sylvania UltraLED Volumetric Troffers are environmentally preferable LED alternatives to traditional fluorescent luminaires, with 0 to 10V dimming to optimize energy savings up to 52%. Offered in two sizes (2’x2‘ and 2’x4‘), these are lightweight and easy to install, improve vertical illuminance while minimizing glare, and are DLC Premium listed to maximize rebate opportunities.
  • The Sylvania Hi-Performance Selectable Downlights are offered in 3”, 4”, 6″ and 8″ sizes and provide high performing light optimized for both new construction and retrofit applications. The lumen selectable switch allows for customizable light output from 500 to 5000 lumens depending on the version, replacing up to two 42W compact fluorescent lamps and offering more than 52% energy savings. The installation is done quickly and easily in most standard frames.
  • Energy-saving Sylvania Vapor Tight Luminaires are made of a lightweight, robust polycarbonate housing and an LED hanging tray that allows for a single contractor installation. Once surface mounted or suspended, the contractor can make all the electrical connections only having to remove the lens. The LED luminaires are offered in three sizes/wattages and multiple options (basic/sensor/emergency/IP65 or IP67) and will be DLC Premium listed in a variety of categories to maximize utility rebate incentives.

To find out more about the introductions listed above as well as products in the areas of Innovation, Outdoor and Multiresidential, visit the LEDVANCE Sylvania LIGHTFAIR webpage.