Do you have open spaces far from wall plugs? Leviton’s pop-up floor receptacles offer concealed access for power needs

by Brianna Crandall — April 19, 2019 — Energy technology solutions provider Leviton recently just announced its new line of Pop-Up Floor Box Receptacles, which are available in multiple configurations and four designer finishes to satisfy a wide range of electrical needs in residential and commercial applications.

Four Leviton Pop-Up Floor Box Receptacles in various configurations and finishes

Leviton Pop-Up Floor Box Receptacles feature a low profile with minimal exposure and are available in multiple configurations and finishes to satisfy a wide range of electrical needs. Image courtesy Leviton

The Leviton Pop-Up Floor Boxes feature a stylish low profile, allowing them to recess neatly into the floor with minimal exposure above the finished floor. The receptacles include genuine Leviton wiring devices pre-wired to a terminal block for easy wiring access and installation. Each floor box features an innovative side-latch open/close mechanism to eliminate common issues associated with traditional center latches, such as interference with opening and scratching of the wiring device face. The Leviton Pop-Up Floor Boxes are available in the following models:

  • USB Dual Type A Charger/Tamper-Resistant Receptacle
  • SmartlockPro Self-Test Tamper-Resistant GFCI Receptacle
  • Decora Tamper-Resistant Receptacle
  • 3-Port QuickPort Insert for voice, data, audio and video applications

Said to be engineered to the highest safety standards, the Leviton Pop-Up Floor Boxes are IP 44 Rated for protection from ingress of water spray from any direction when closed. Leviton says they meet or exceed UL 514A requirements, including the scrub water and concrete tightness tests, and receptacles comply with the latest NEC requirements for tamper-resistant receptacles.

The Leviton Pop-Up Floor Boxes deliver quality and pleasing aesthetics, making them a suitable addition to many flooring materials including tile, stone, wood, laminate, carpet, vinyl and concrete. The floor boxes can be used in new construction as well as retrofits.

Leviton says the Pop-Up Floor Boxes provide convenient, easy access to power where traditional in-wall receptacles cannot be used, such as rooms with floor to ceiling windows and other architectural enhancements. With the simple press of a button, receptacles or data ports become immediately available for use. The Pop-Up Floor Boxes offer an ideal solution for commercial applications in offices and meeting rooms, hotels, shopping malls, cafés and restaurants — anywhere open space warrants access to a power source.

Available in brushed nickel, black, brass, and bronze finishes, the Leviton Pop-Up Floor Boxes come with a two-year limited warranty. For additional product information, visit the company’s website. From electrical, to lighting, to data networks, and energy management, Leviton develops thoughtful solutions to meet the needs of today’s residential, commercial, and industrial customers globally.