Want to swap out existing in-wall lighting controls for wireless ones? Lutron’s occupancy sensors can replace a wired device in just minutes

by Brianna Crandall — February 25, 2019 — Lutron Electronics, a US-based global provider of energy-saving wireless lighting and shade control solutions, recently introduced two new Maestro Wireless in-wall occupancy sensors for its Vive simple, scalable wireless solution. Both models are designed to be easy to install and can serve as direct replacements to existing lighting controls in a standard wallbox.

The new 0-10 V dimmer/sensor model combines automated, occupancy-based control of light, manual dimming control, and wireless communication to other Vive system devices in a single piece of hardware. The sensor/switch model provides manual or automated, occupancy based on/off control as well as wireless communication to Vive devices.

Suitable for retrofit projects including private offices, commercial open offices, and K-12 and higher-ed spaces, the new occupancy sensors are designed to replace an existing wired device in just minutes. They can communicate wirelessly to Lutron Pico remote controls or other Vive wireless sensors, making it easy to add additional wall controls without running new wire.

The sensors can be used as stand-alone devices or easily connected to a Vive wireless hub at any time to deliver system features such as time-clock control and energy reporting.

According to Lutron, the new Maestro Wireless sensors add a frequently requested system capability — wallbox sensors that can be easily and fully integrated into a Vive wireless solution.

For contractors, the occupancy sensors simplify installation, allow them to finish jobs faster, and provide the ability to expand a Vive wireless system as project and customer needs change over time, notes the company. For designers, the sensors offer a familiar form factor that reduces design complexity and allows them to easily scale designs from stand-alone control to connected lighting control solutions.

In keeping with the entire offering of Lutron sensors, both the sensor/switch and the 0-10V dimmer/sensor offer superior sensitivity and ultra-reliable performance via Lutron XCT technology, preventing false “ON” events, and ensuring clients will not be left in the dark. The new sensors are compatible with Vive system components including the Vive wireless hub and Pico wireless remotes.

To learn more about Lutron Vive scalable wireless lighting control, or to watch the Vive introduction video to see how easy it is to design and implement a simple, code-compliant smart solution tailored to your needs and your budget, visit the company’s website. Inventor of the first solid-state electronic dimmer, Lutron Electronics offers more than 15,000 energy-saving products, from dimmers for the home to lighting management systems for entire buildings.