See how this modular wall panel system lets office workers create personalized workspaces

by Brianna Crandall — November 25, 2019 — Today’s workers look for the same individuality, immediacy and flexibility at work as they experience in the rest of their lives — from flexible work hours to the ability to work from home or the office, points out Maars, a provider of architectural walls around the world.

And when at work, people want to create their own privacy in open-office structures, and they want to personalize their own workplaces. These thoughts were said to form the basis of the M923 modular wall panel system, which allows workers to change and decorate panels, move the wall structure, and create the type of space they want.

Maars M923 modular wall panel system

Modular wall panels come in different colors and materials (moss, cork, absorption panels, whiteboards, textiles); users can easily change panels themselves. Image courtesy Maars

Set up a workplace

Architects are trained to make the best designs, but, within these designs, people want to create their own workplaces, reminds Maars. More and more companies are encouraging employees to do just that. M923 is a flexible system that allows people to easily create their working environment, but still within the architect’s design intent.

Open space

It’s important that spaces retain their open character because these environments ensure better communication and collaboration, says the company. But people who work in open spaces also desire some privacy, a more defined workplace. So, it’s important that the positive aspects of “open space” aren’t lost by applying permanent separations; it’s important that the space remains semi-open.

According to Maars, most existing solutions have been project-based and inflexible, unsustainable and not reusable. Even more problematic, most don’t offer interaction with the user. M923 was designed to solve all these challenges.

Flexibility and versatility

The M923 concept combines modern wall decoration, functional office furniture and movable walls. The result is a complete system that provides privacy in an aesthetic and ergonomically responsible manner.

Maars M923 wall panel system setup

The M923 wall panel system provides a personalized workspace while retaining the benefits of an open floorplan. Image courtesy Maars

Flexibility and versatility played a major role in the development of M923. For example, the panels are available in different colors and materials (including moss, cork, absorption panels, whiteboards and textiles). Users easily can change the panels and design the wall themselves.

Because the modular wall panels are easy to change, it’s possible to adjust the appearance of a room very quickly and inexpensively. And because the panels are 99% reusable, the system is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

With its many possibilities, M923 not only can be used in an office environment but also, for example, at events or in restaurants and shops.

App for users and architects

Users and architects can discover the possibilities of M923 with an augmented reality app that’s available on the App Store and on Google Play. The AR app allows the customized wall with all available panels to be placed virtually in a room. The self-assembled wall with accessories can then easily be forwarded to order.

With M923, Maars offers a flexible solution for an ergonomic workplace that promotes productivity and enhances the working atmosphere. Because M923 makes it possible to design and organize one’s own workplace, the slogan “The wall is yours” has been chosen.

For more information, see the M923 product page. Maars has been developing, producing, selling and installing high-quality walls for more than 70 years, with both standard and customized solutions for offices, airports, schools, hospitals, factories, shops and hotels. The company offers more than 150 acoustic and fire-resistant walls and doors tested by international test institutes.