If you have staff doing grounds maintenance or clearing snow, help them keep safely warm in this new heated jacket

by Brianna Crandall — February 18, 2019 — Makita U.S.A. has just launched a new 18V LXT Cordless Heated Jacket (DCJ205Z). Available in sizes ranging from S to 3XL, the heated jacket offers heat for up to 35 hours with an 18V LXT 6.0Ah battery (sold separately). The company also introduced two new cordless backpack dry vacuums.

Cordless heated jacket

Heat is provided in five core zones — the left chest, right chest, back, and both pockets — for optimum heat distribution. Users can control the amount of heat by selecting the high, medium, or low setting.

Makita heated jacket from the back, showing coils

Five core heat zones in the 18V LXT Cordless Heated Jacket offer optimum heat distribution. Image courtesy Makita

The DCJ205Z has a black polyester shell for increased wind and water resistance and fleece interior for added warmth and comfort. Stretchy side panels provide extra comfort and increased mobility. The adjustable cuffs have a hook-and-loop closure to provide a better fit to help keep the cold weather outside.

Four pockets, including a zippered chest pocket, sleeve pocket, left side pocket and right side pocket, provide convenient access to personal items.

The heated jackets are available in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL, and are washer and dryer safe, says Makita.

The DCJ205Z has an on/off heat controller, with three heat settings to adjust to changing weather conditions. Heat is generated by Makita’s 18V lithium-ion batteries, sold separately, including the 2.0Ah (BL1820), 5.0Ah (BL1850Ah), and 6.0Ah (BL1860) batteries. Duration of heat time varies with battery and heat setting. A battery pocket is on the rear-left side, located out of the way, but within reach for quick and easy access.

As an added perk, users can also keep portable electronic devices charged-up with the convenient on-board USB power port.

The new 18V LXT Heated Jacket is part of Makita’s expanding 18V lithium-ion system, which offers 200+ tools powered by 18V lithium-ion slide-style batteries. Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries are said to have the fastest charge times in their categories, so they spend more time working and less time sitting on the charger.

Cordless vacuum backpacks

Makita also introduced two new powerful and portable dust-extraction solutions, the 18V X2 LXT (36V) Brushless Cordless 1/2 Gallon HEPA Filter Backpack Dry Vacuum (XCV09) and the 18V X2 LXT (36V) Brushless Cordless 1/2 Gallon HEPA Filter Backpack Dry Dust Extractor with AWS Capability (XCV10).

Makita aqua-colored cordless backpack vacuum

The XCV10 offers the portability of smaller vacuums and capacity of larger vacuums, ideal for construction applications when used as part of a dust extraction system. Image courtesy Makita

The XCV09 and XCV10 clean-up solutions feature more CFM, more water lift, and more run time than the previous model. The XCV09 has 70 CFM, 44” of water lift, and 116 minutes of continuous run time, while the XCV10 has 64 CFM, 44” of water lift and 62 minutes of continuous run time. Both models have an efficient two-stage HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of particulates .3 microns and larger.

These new vacuum backpacks bridge the gap between low-capacity on-board dust extraction systems and larger capacity, but less portable, wheeled canister job site vacuums. They offer the capacity of larger dust extraction solutions and the portability of smaller vacuums, ideal for cleaning crews and construction applications when used as part of a dust extraction system.

Makita 18V X2 LXT tools utilize two 18V batteries to take on the most demanding applications, delivering the watt-hours and amp-hours of a 36V battery — but without having to manage multiple battery platforms or investing in larger, heavier higher-voltage batteries. With high amp-hour batteries, efficient brushed and brushless motors, and 18V LXT technology, Makita 18V LXT tools are engineered to exceed the performance of corded counterparts.

The XCV10 features the added benefit of Makita’s Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS), which uses Bluetooth technology for wireless power-on and power-off communication between the equipped tool and dust extractor. AWS eliminates cords, thus reducing trip hazards and eliminating grounding issues and the need to re-plug the cord.

The AWS extends the battery run-time of the dust extractor backpack, increasing productivity on a single charge, and reduces continuous noise at the job or work site. Three tool adapters for hose connection are included.

For improved tool performance and extended battery life, Makita 18V LXT tools feature Star Protection Computer Controls, a communication technology that allows the tool and battery to exchange data in real time and monitor conditions during use to protect against overloading, over-discharging and overheating.

For more information, visit the Makita website.