Boost the safety of your lone/remote workers with this man-down detection device

by Brianna Crandall — June 10, 2019 — Accidents happen, and they are unpredictable and sometimes unavoidable, but immediate and efficient response to those accidents can save lives, points out Apollo Safety, a provider of gas detection products and services for hospitals, universities, government operations, public utilities, manufacturing, biotech and other organizations. The company reminds that solutions are available, including the new Man Down / Lone Worker detection devices from Industrial Scientific that Apollo Safety is introducing.

The company highlights recent news incidents as prime examples of lone or remote worker accidents, including a worker who was severely injured after falling into a large lathe at a Glastonbury, CT, manufacturer, and a National Grid worker who fell out of the bucket he was working in at a utility pole in Norton, MA, and struck wires as he fell some 35 feet to the ground.

"Man-down" lone worker on the ground

Remote and lone workers are more vulnerable; should an incident occur, Apollo Safety now offers Man Down / Lone Worker detection devices from Industrial Scientific. Image courtesy Apollo Safety

John V. Carvalho III, Apollo Safety founder and president, expanded on the challenge of keeping lone or remote workers safe:

Many companies will employ check-in procedures to monitor the well-being of the lone or remote worker. That’s great, but when a lone or remote worker goes down, response time is critical, and a check-in procedure may not always be fast enough. With the devices available through our relationship with Industrial Scientific, we can prepare companies and workers for a remote worker injury. Through this monitoring technology, when a lone worker falls and does not get back up right away, we can set up the system to trigger an audible, visual and vibration alarm back to out to a monitoring station, to a cell through text or email notifications, or directly to emergency services.

Man Down / Lone Worker devices sold by Apollo Safety deploy communication and precise employee positioning technologies for every scenario — indoors, outdoors and remote locations. The technology will alert responders and direct them in real-time to a precise outdoor location or, if indoors, to the exact floor and room where an employee is located.

Man Down / Lone Worker devices can be customized to include any number of features for greater safety. Those can include:

  • Automated lone worker monitoring including man-down (no-motion) detection;
  • Peer-to-peer wireless communication;
  • Panic alarm;
  • Live cloud-hosted web software for configuration and emergency response management;
  • Live gas detection compliance dashboard that eliminates manual data collection, review and reporting;
  • Second-generation data analytics that makes it easy to visualize and explore “big data” generated by every G7x;
  • 24/7 live monitoring provided by Industrial Scientific’s in-house Safety Operations Center;
  • Two-way messaging with the live monitoring team;
  • Two-way voice calling with the live monitoring team (G7c cellular-connected device only);
  • Automatic wireless firmware updates and device configuration changes.

The Man Down / Lone Worker technology also offers a false fall detection feature, enabling the lone worker to cancel the pending alert before it’s communicated to monitoring personnel. A quick press of the check-in button returns the work-alone device to normal operation.

Apollo Safety’s Man Down / Lone Worker detection devices vary in price. For many current Apollo Safety customers who employ the company’s gas detection systems, the Man Down/Lone Worker devices and technology can be incorporated in their current system. To inquire about this feature for your system, call 800/813-5408. To view the complete line of Man Down/Lone Worker safety products, visit the Apollo Safety website.