What are today’s leading corporations doing to reduce carbon emissions and save energy?

by Brianna Crandall — October 7, 2019 — Leadership companies are taking tangible steps to address their carbon emissions, spurring action across the entire business ecosystem, according to a report recently released by NAEM, the National Association for Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) Management.

NAEM Executive Director Carol Singer Neuvelt stated:

It’s time for the world to collaborate on solutions that will dramatically reduce its greenhouse gas emissions — and fast. This report demonstrates that the corporate community not only believes in a low-carbon future, but has made tangible investments in pursuit of that shared commitment.

The report, Leading-Edge Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies, features program details and interviews with corporate leaders at Intel Corp., Exelon, United Technologies Corp., NRG Energy Inc. and Saint-Gobain North America on their work to decarbonize their operations.

It also includes data from NAEM’s survey of 79 leadership companies on the energy efficiency programs they have in place, those they are actively developing, and corporate support for public policies to fight climate change.

Among the findings are:

  • Energy management is now a business norm among leadership companies. The vast majority of responding companies (99%) measure their energy usage — an activity that, for many, starts them down a clear path to greater environmental responsibility.
  • Renewable energy programs are well-established and are transforming how companies do business. 51% of respondents to the NAEM survey use on-site renewable energy generation; 44% of responding companies purchase renewable energy through a third party. They are also starting to influence system-level changes by directly engaging with utilities to demand greater supply of green energy (52%).
  • Companies are electrifying their fleets and encouraging employees to do the same. 56% of responding companies have electrified their fleets or are planning to do so; 65% offer electric vehicle charging stations for employees or are planning to do so.
  • There is now strong corporate support for public policies to address climate change. Leading companies are leveraging their brand authority to support international climate action. Among NAEM survey respondents, 66% support public policies to address climate change or are actively planning to do so.

The Leading-Edge Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies report is available for free download from the NAEM website upon brief registration.

To download more results and best practices, visit NAEM’s Climate Action webpage. To learn more about NAEM’s work to support EHS&S corporate sustainability leaders, visit the group’s website.