NeoCon 2017: If you need to provide secure storage to employees who change workspaces frequently, check out GANTNER’s award-winning, smart networked locking system

by Brianna Crandall — July 24, 2017 — GANTNER Technologies, an established European manufacturer of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system solutions, recently announced the introduction of its Networked Locking System to the North American office market. The system earned a Best of NeoCon Innovation award in the Technology-Integrated Solutions category at the NeoCon 2017 contract furnishings show.

a wall of lockers using a networked locking system

Thanks to live occupancy monitoring and utilization reports, FMs can understand how their locker resources are used, reduce the total amount of lockers required, and intelligently plan for a system expansion.

For multiple decades, GANTNER’s Networked Locking System has been in use to create smart locker systems across numerous industries. With the rise of flexible office environments — such as activity-based workspace, hoteling, benching, or hot-desking — offices, like other industries, are increasingly requiring improved locker management tools. GANTNER’s Networked Locking System can serve as an ideal solution.

Rather than being tethered to a single desk, in a flexible office environment employees can select numerous types of work settings, including quiet spaces and collaborative hubs. This new approach to working is motivated by the need to optimize space, reduce real estate costs, and encourage company collaboration. With no allocated desk, employees need a secure place to store their belongings.

System overview

Comprised of locks, bolts, cabling, and an accompanying Web-based management software, the Networked Locking System uses the latest technology to deliver improved operations and staff convenience. Rather than requiring mechanical keys or combinations, the system uses pre-existing employee ID (identification) cards as locker keys. Using the Web-based management software, administrators can easily assign personal lockers, shared/departmental lockers, and free lockers — available to any authorized user. If lockers need to be reassigned or if employment changes occur, all locker assignments can be quickly changed with a few clicks of the mouse.

Thanks to live occupancy monitoring and utilization reports, facilities managers (FMs) can understand how their locker resources are used, reduce the total amount of lockers required, and intelligently plan for a system expansion, if necessary. The locking system offers an alarm function that can deliver an electronic notification to security staff, increasing the security of any office environment.

Flexibility and aesthetics

Every installation is unique, and the Networked Locking System can always be adapted, expanded, and co-specified to almost any furniture brand, says GANTNER. Locks can be built into any locker regardless of size or material — wood, metal, glass, or phenonlic. Often placed in prominent, visible locations or sometimes built in to functional furniture (for instance as a room divider), lockers are being produced with remarkable design appeal and serve as an extension of a company’s brand and interior design, notes the company.

With effort invested in the design of high-end, attractive lockers, it is essential that the built-in locking mechanism also be aesthetically pleasing and discrete. Disappearing almost invisibly into the locker, the Networked Locks are built within the interior of the locker, not on the exterior door. All hardwired cabling is discretely concealed, leaving a free space for architects and designers to create a visually compelling office environment. The only visible element of the Networked Locking System is a LED light, displaying green to signify the locker is available and red for in-use.

Environmental friendliness

Made to meet the highest European environmental and quality standards, the entire production of the Networked Locking System is environmentally friendly and accomplished within the European Union. Because locks are powered via hardwired cabling, batteries containing lead, lithium, and other materials hazardous to the environment are not required — a benefit to human health and the environment.

“After years of experience in the deployment of smart locker systems for offices in both Australia and Europe, we are excited to launch the Networked Locking System in the North American office market,” stated U.S. Sales Director Steven Jones. With local partnerships with locker and furniture manufacturers and a clear demand for a solution to eliminate the hassles of locker management, GANTNER is looking forward to launching this tried-and-tested product to U.S. businesses and office spaces.

Established in 1982 in Austria, GANTNER Technologies supplies a complete, innovative line of RFID locking solutions for lockers and furniture. GANTNER says its locking systems are valued across many industries, including offices, hospitals, universities, commercial, and leisure facilities. From battery-operated to networked locking systems, GANTNER’s integrated solutions cover a wide variety of locker applications, such as employee lockers, mailboxes, bike storage, and more. With subsidiaries in Germany, the U.K., Dubai, Australia and the USA, the company operates in over 60 countries.