NeoCon 2017: Looking to maximize usable workspace but keep it ergonomic? See Teknion’s Gold-winning wall collection with integrated furniture

by Brianna Crandall — June 19, 2017 — As noted in Wednesday’s FMLink article, “Check out the Best of NeoCon 2017 commercial interiors award winners — HALCON takes Best of Competition,” Teknion Corporation brought home a Gold Award and two Silver Awards from the Best of NeoCon Competition at this week’s NeoCon contract furnishings show in Chicago. Highlighted below are the Gold-winning Altos Landscape wall collection and its height-adjustable Altos Desk, along with the redesigned Nuova Contessa task chair. Look for a future FMLink article on additions to the Zones furniture collection and the Expansion Cityline furniture system.

Altos Landscape wall collection

Altos Landscape is a wall collection that is horizontally planned with a functional collection of wall-integrated furniture. This unique combination gives opportunity for layered off-module planning applications that maximize the usable space in an environment, and minimize the necessary cost of architectural product on the floorplate. The collection enabling these efficient planning possibilities is available in a clean landscape aesthetic, and includes both height-adjustable and fixed-height desks, task lighting, storage options, a shelving program and significantly enhanced acoustic capabilities that maximize sound quality. Noticed at NeoCon, an acoustic glass door features a drop sill to seal out office noises from coming through under the door.

Altos Landscape wall collection

The Altos Landscape wall collection maximizes usable space and minimizes cost, with functional wall-integrated furniture including a height-adjustable and fixed-height desk, a task light, storage options, a shelving program, and significantly enhanced acoustic capabilities that maximize privacy.

Paul Kruger, Teknion’s director of Design, Architectural Products, stated:

As square footage in the office space increases in cost, the value of small-space planning is becoming more important than ever. The Altos Landscape collection addresses this problem by offering wall-integrated planning capabilities that make the most of a smaller environment, while maintaining conventional planning offerings. Planning with the Altos Landscape collection can reduce the necessary footprint of a private office from 100 to 70 square feet (9.3 to 6.5 m²), or the footprint of an enclave from 60 to 35 (5.6 to 3.2 m²). It offers similar planning advantages in larger two- to four-person workspaces, meeting rooms and storefronts.

Unlike conventional, vertically oriented wall systems, Altos Landscape facilitates off-module planning along the horizontal datum. This increased flexibility in planning gives opportunity for the wall-integrated shelving, storage, lighting and desk offering to be optimized for the environment around it. Altos Landscape fascias are flexible in their type and location. Fascias — Acoustic, Tackable, Whiteboard, Glass, Solid, or Fabric — can be rearranged after installation, or adapted to other types without modifying the interior wall structure.

The Altos Landscape collection adds capability to Altos, Teknion’s flagship architectural wall system. Altos was designed to facilitate cost-effective reconfiguration or full relocation, as required. Its unique universal framework allows changes in elevation, dimension, fascia function and finish to maximize the life of the product.

Altos Desk

One of the key features of the wall collection is the Altos Desk. The Altos Desk is said to be the first height-adjustable desk to market that is integrated into a standard four-inch-thick wall. It offers a fixed- or height-adjustable option, and single- or double-sided capability. The second desk can be easily added after installation of the single-sided desk due to a shared interior mechanism. The clean and integrated design removes visible cables to the floor, and maximizes functional space within an environment. A reaching cantilever eliminates the need for a continuous vertical reveal.

With a height-adjustment range of 28 to 44 inches (71 to 112 cm), Altos Desk promotes employee wellness with its ergonomic sit-stand capability, and allows for excellent wheelchair accessibility. Customizable finish alternatives range from wood, laminate, anodized and painted options. Integration into a robust wall system offers enhanced acoustics for privacy, storage, lighting and functional fascias.

Nuova Contessa task chair

Teknion also launched its Nuova Contessa task chair at NeoCon. Nuova Contessa is a redesigned and enhanced version of Teknion’s popular Contessa synchro-tilt task chair. It honors the signature sweeping line of Contessa’s structural frame, while offering significantly upgraded seating functions and increased strength. The chair has been redesigned to meet current demands for uncompromised seating comfort for diverse body types.

Nuova Contessa task chair

The Nuova Contessa task chair offers a refined aesthetic, advanced adjustment mechanisms, increased strength and durability, as well as comfort and performance for diverse body types

Nuova Contessa inherited Contessa’s flowing frame lines. However, the redesigned back and seat frame offer an even lighter and thinner design, enhancing the chair’s sophistication and elegance across the work environment. The chair now provides moderate flexibility and follows the movement of the body.

The signature Smart Operation feature was ahead of its time and remains innovative today, says Teknion. It, too, has been improved. Smart Operation is an advanced mechanism that employs levers conveniently located in the armrests, enabling the user to make adjustments to match their natural posture from a seated position. Levers at the front of the armrest adjust the seat height and reclining angle, achieving a high level of comfort and ease.

Other performance enhancements include a more flexible backrest and seat frame, and a 300-pound (136 kg) weight capacity that exceeds BIFMA requirements. Nuova Contessa includes a 24/7 warranty. The task chair is available with a mesh or upholstered seat. The new comfort-enhanced Tri-Durometer foam substrate optimizes user comfort and support in the upholstered seat. Newly developed Zahedral mesh combines yarns excellent in durability, texture, stretchability and strength for the mesh-seat version, providing suitable tension for comfort and support of the different body parts.

The new Very White plastic frame color and fresh mesh finishes appeal to today’s interiors. Options including fixed arms and a back without a lumbar provide clean lines and simplified use for touchdown, executive or boardroom environments. These options also provide customers with more choice, resulting in a lower price point when the full functionality of a task chair is not required.

See Teknion’s NeoCon 2017 Preview for an overview of the collections shown at NeoCon. For more FM-specific information, see the company’s FMLink ad.