Free lighting control guide shows how to minimize operating costs and more

by Brianna Crandall — March 29, 2017 — The Lighting Controls Association, a council of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, has just published a basic guide to applying lighting controls to open office spaces.

lighting control application guide cover

LCA guide provides guidance for applying lighting controls to open office spaces for flexibility, energy savings and energy code compliance.

Hoteling, hot-desking and other open office design trends are increasing demands for lighting flexibility. Meanwhile, commercial building energy codes are increasing demands for energy efficiency. A well-designed lighting and control system can maximize both of these objectives, says LCA.

Authored by Steve Mesh, LC, this lighting control application guide describes various control strategies that can be applied to open office spaces. These strategies can minimize operating costs, achieve energy code compliance and support open workspaces that are more flexible and productive.

Primarily focused on new construction, the guide’s solutions are similarly suitable for renovations and major lighting upgrades, notes LCA.

The free Lighting Control Application for Open Offices can be downloaded from the LCA Web site.