Would you like to exchange potential lease and other building data with CREs and fellow FMs? OSCRE helps you do it digitally

by Brianna Crandall — January 10, 2020 — OSCRE International, an international consortium for the development of real estate information standards, announced two new initiatives in recent months designed to help propel the digital transformation of corporate and investment real estate, including enabling facilities managers (FMs) to exchange building data digitally.

1/ Reference Data Model, related tools

OSCRE developed a new Reference Data Model and related tools to facilitate the collection and exchange of data in common real estate transactions. It is a comprehensive revision of the OSCRE Standards into one consolidated resource that provides a framework to drive data strategies within organizations and their business partners, including:

  • Seven core real estate functions are addressed, including Lease Management and Portfolio Information Exchange.
  • 90 specific use cases describe what the data model contains and how schemas can be extracted for use cases of your choice.

For example, users can identify and manage Total Occupancy Cost (TOC), Lease Abstracts, Service Requests and Space Management. Other real estate functions covered by this model are listed on the OSCRE website.

2/ Building Digital Competency in Real Estate certificate, training

OSCRE’s new web-based certificate program, Building Digital Competency in Real Estate, helps industry professionals develop competency in business intelligence and analytics, data aggregation and integration, data strategy and more.

This new skill building course adds to the OSCRE Academy’s existing education offerings, including the Data Governance Certificate Program.

The new digital competency curriculum includes:

  • Developing a new systems strategy
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Data modeling capabilities
  • Evaluating emerging technologies
  • Integrating with global service providers and multiple data sources

The program will be delivered in 10 monthly web-based sessions and will be facilitated by experienced industry professionals. All sessions will be recorded for easy access. For session details, click on the link below.

Lisa Stanley, CEO at OSCRE, commented:

These two key initiatives demonstrate OSCRE’s commitment to collaboratively build the digital future of the real estate industry. In addition to providing tools for organizations to collect, aggregate and exchange information, we are committed to providing skill building opportunities for real estate industry professionals to build their own digital capabilities. A real estate industry with a robust digital foundation is critical to implementing a variety of technology applications such as artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Learn more about OSCRE’s Reference Data Model and Building Digital Competency in Real Estate certificate program on the organization’s website.