If you want true dimming, LED thermal protection and end-of-life indication, look for these programmable LED drivers

by Brianna Crandall — April 11, 2018 — Global high-tech lighting company OSRAM recently launched its OPTOTRONIC intelligent programmable compact LED drivers designed to further enable company penetration into the growing connected lighting market. OSRAM offers a complete portfolio of indoor and outdoor light-emitting diode (LED) drivers for smart lighting applications.

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The new OPTOTRONIC intelligent programmable compact LED drivers now include several key performance upgrades. Courtesy OSRAM

According to Tom Shottes, head of Digital Lighting Systems, OSRAM Americas Region:

OSRAM was the first to introduce mainstream programmable LED drivers for the lighting industry. With the introduction of the OPTOTRONIC programmable LED drivers with auxiliary output, we are proud to continue this tradition of bringing innovative solutions forward to future-proof smart LED lighting systems.

The new OPTOTRONIC intelligent programmable compact LED drivers now include several key performance upgrades, including:

  • Auxiliary output voltage feature (12V/20V/24V): With programmable auxiliary DC output, the OPTOTRONIC programmable compact LED drivers now can power fixture-integrated sensors, including occupancy sensors and photocells. This feature eliminates the need to have a separate power supply for each sensor, reducing the number of SKUs and overall cost for the luminaire manufacturer while enabling connectivity.
  • Dim-to-off Feature: The OSRAM OPTOTRONIC drivers have the inherent capability to turn off when dimmed down below the minimum dimming level.
  • CA T-24 compliant: The OPTOTRONIC compact drivers comply with the startup time and flicker requirements of CEC (CA T-24).
  • Other features: This driver series is also UL Class P approved, which allows OEMs to interchange drivers in their luminaire without the need to submit for re-certification. Other integrated programmable features include: true 1% dimmable, LED thermal protection, constant lumen maintenance, end-of-life indication and “soft start” (protection from damage caused by sudden influxes of power).

The OPTOTRONIC family of LED drivers features a complete portfolio of constant current and constant voltage in a variety of electrical configurations and form factors to suit a range of applications. For more product information, visit the OSRAM Web site and read the Digital Systems blog.