Optimize space usage and improve overall efficiency — use this cloud-based software to find out how and where employees are using flexible spaces

by Brianna Crandall — August 21, 2017 — PointGrab, developer of the CogniPoint human activity sensing platform, recently announced a partnership with Mapiq, which creates connections between people and buildings to provide flexible workplaces. By integrating CogniPoint with Mapiq’s space management and utilization software the companies plan to deliver real-time building intelligence that allows organizations to work smarter and more efficiently.

By combining CogniPoint and Mapiq’s cloud-based software platform, enterprises can provide employees with the tools critical to improving performance and efficiency by real-time tracking and understanding how a space is being used. By utilizing advanced deep-learning neural networks technology, CogniPoint delivers the actionable data necessary to optimize space management, energy savings and business intelligence.

Itamar Roth, chief business officer, PointGrab, pointed out:

As workers become more autonomous, it’s crucial for organizations to understand how and where employees are using flexible spaces so they can optimize usage and improve overall productivity. Integrating our CogniPoint sensing platform with Mapiq’s smart building software enables organization[s] to implement a complete space utilization solution based on real-time analytics.

Mapiq’s smart building platform focuses on the flexibility of people rather than the building itself. The technology is designed to make it easy for workers to share and find locations and colleagues, fostering greater collaboration and the freedom desired by the modern worker. Mapiq’s workplace management software also offers 3D mapping, way finding, room booking, events management and advanced analytics to help organizations make informed business decisions.

Sander Schutte, CEO, Mapiq, remarked:

Dynamic work spaces are the driving factor of efficiency and productivity in most organizations, and real-time building intelligence is at the core. Adding PointGrab’s CogniPoint technology to Mapiq’s smart building software will give our customers the actionable utilization data needed to provide the freedom and flexibility workers crave.

With offices in New York and Israel, PointGrab is a machine learning and computer vision company that provides innovative sensing platform to the smart building industry. The company applies its deep-learning technology to enable accurate tracking and understanding of human activity and space utilization.

With Mapiq, the abstract concept of “smart building” is becoming more tangible, says the company. Mapiq wants to enable people to work smarter and make more effective use of the modern office. The platform enables employees to reserve rooms, find their way around the building, look for free workplaces, share locations and find colleagues. Mapiq shows all this in a 3D map on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and information screens in the building.