Need a roof assessment? Check out this software that analyzes drone imagery to ID roof repairs and take measurements

by Brianna Crandall — February 24, 2020 — Pointivo, a pioneer in spatial intelligence, debuted its cutting-edge data and analytics roof assessment solution, Spatial IQ: Facility Management (FM), at this month’s International Roofing Expo (IRE) in Dallas, Texas, at the NRP booth. Pointivo’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered FM solution generates spatial intelligence using high-res imagery of roofs, buildings and surroundings for easy planning, monitoring, and maintenance of exterior facility assets.

Reducing FM costs; improving safety; saving time

Spatial IQ: Facility Management can conduct assessments and generate roof inventory, delivering the information needed to quickly budget for repairs, measure for replacement, create takeoffs, or track roof deficiencies — all while keeping staff safely on the ground.

Pointivo’s FM solution combines AI, computer vision, and advanced analytics. It generates spatial intelligence by analyzing high-res imagery of roofs, buildings, and surroundings to extract location, measurement, and understanding of physical assets and structures. Spatial IQ: Facility Management empowers contractors, FMs and owners with unique perspectives for insightful action to impact business decisions relating to measurement, damage detection, assessment, inventory management, budgeting and risk mitigation.

With an initial focus on service offerings for commercial roofing, Pointivo’s Spatial IQ: Facility Management offers the following features:

  • Turn-key drone pilot flight
  • High-resolution drone imagery
  • 2D and 3D measurement data of roof system
  • Automatic identification of roof inventory
  • Measurement of area, length, and quantity of penetrations and equipment
  • Advanced take-off reports
  • Automatic identification of roof deficiencies by section and type
  • Sharable roof assessment reports

Dan Ciprari, CEO and co-founder of Pointivo, stated:

At Pointivo, we aim to revolutionize assessment processes to empower more intelligent business decisions. Through AI-driven spatial intelligence, our FM solution dramatically reduces time spent on roof assessment and inventory by automatically delivering finely detailed, accurate dimensional data and insights.

National Roofing Partners (NRP) using Spatial IQ for drone assessments

National Roofing Partners (NRP) utilizes Pointivo’s Spatial IQ platform as a key component of its newest product offering — AI-Powered Drone Assessments.

Deryl Kratzer, vice president, sales for NRP, remarked:

Traditional methods for assessing roofs and facilities are time and resource-intensive, which is why we are excited to partner with Pointivo to launch the Spatial IQ: Facility Management platform. It provides our Partners with a smarter, safer and more accurate method for roof analysis. This single platform is a gamechanger for our Partners and customers, reducing onsite inspection to just minutes while providing unparalleled accuracy and consistency.

To learn more about the Spatial IQ: Facility Management solution, visit Pointivo’s website. The company creates cutting-edge technologies that empower deeper understanding of the physical world.