Be aware the moment a power quality event threatens your mission-critical environment, with these new power analyzers

by Brianna Crandall — November 15, 2017 — Power Standards Lab Inc. (PSL), a provider of power quality, energy monitoring and data analysis technology, announced last week the commercial availability of two new PQube 3 models: PQube 3e and PQube 3v. They complement the company’s flagship PQube 3, which Power Standards Lab calls the industry standard, with thousands of units deployed in the field at semiconductor tools, data centers (UPS, PDU), energy (switchgears, transformers, VFD, PV inverters), and medical (MRI, scanners, generators) applications.

PQube power quality analyzers

The PQube power analyzers can be easily installed in sensitive equipment across a range of applications and industries.

The range of PQube 3 analyzers now includes:

  • PQube 3 — ultra-precise multi-function and multiple-circuit power quality and energy meter. Suitable for immediate diagnosis of power issues, power consumption analysis, and environmental sensing, as well as external process monitoring
  • PQube 3e — multi-load power consumption monitoring for 14 single-phase loads, or four three-phase loads measured simultaneously, drastically lowering the per-circuit cost of monitoring
  • PQube 3v — voltage quality analyzer; ideal for price-sensitive applications where compliance is required, while load monitoring is not

Like the PQube 3, the newest models offer power monitoring and analysis in an ultra-compact form factor. They are easily installed in sensitive equipment across a range of applications and industries, such as MRI and medical equipment, transportation, aviation, telecom, utility, data centers, manufacturing, semiconductor tools, shipping vessels, railroads, HVAC, and EV charging. All PQube 3 models enable fast and accurate diagnosis of power flow and quality, as well as temperature, humidity, pressure, three-axis acceleration, AC/DC power, and more.

Features of the PQube 3 analyzers include:

  • Ultra-compact form factor; fits virtually anywhere — ideal for embedding (DIN-rail)
  • Detection and recording of high-frequency impulses at 4 MHz
  • Measurement of 2 kHz – 150 kHz emissions (one of the first instruments on the market to cover the entire frequency range)
  • Four analog and multiple current channels (up to 14 on PQube 3e)

Benefits of using the PQube 3 analyzers include:

  • No learning curve — very intuitive, with no software needed
  • PQube 3 generates information you can immediately use — disturbance and trend graphs sent directly to your inbox
  • Additional channels and embedded sensors provide a precise set of measurements covering the power side, plus process monitoring, and environmental parameters
  • Measurements can be used for verification requirements; PQube 3 is certified Class A IEC 61000-4-30 Ed3, and is ANSI Class 0.2/0.2S revenue-grade accurate
  • Optional enterprise software enables fleet maintenance and data aggregation

Bruce Lonie, senior consultant and co-founder of PowerCET, and a PQube user, remarked:

For over 30 years, we’ve been improving the productivity and reliability of electronic systems for customers. Our reputation rests on using only the highest-quality, most dependable equipment, and PSL’s PQube 3 power monitoring products exceed that standard. We rely on PQube 3 to monitor the performance of sensitive medical equipment and solar PV farms, and have been very pleased with their accuracy, functionality, and ease of use. PSL has also worked with us to create special configuration and packaging options to meet our customers’ needs.

Mario Barbaresso, president and CEO of Power Survey, the parent company of Power Standards Lab, stated:

Our customers operate in some of the most demanding and mission-critical environments, where undetected power disturbances can impact productivity and profitability. Ensuring the performance and reliability of critical equipment enables our customers to reduce operation costs and improve quality.

San Francisco Bay Area-based Power Standards Lab partners with Fortune 500 companies in the power and energy, transportation, medical, semiconductor, telecom, and manufacturing industries, as well as government agencies, to help diagnose and solve electric power problems, and provide power quality testing and certification. PSL employees reportedly speak over 15 languages, providing localized support to customers in 58 countries.