If you need to keep high-traffic areas safer and disinfected, check out the PURELL VF PLUS Hand Sanitizer

by Brianna Crandall — February 28, 2020 — GOJO, the inventor of PURELL Hand Sanitizer and a global provider of skin health and hygiene solutions for over 70 years, recently announced an enhanced hand sanitizer of interest to facilities managers (FMs) in charge of facilities with high-traffic areas or a high number of people in close quarters.

PURELL VF PLUS Hand Sanitizer

The newest GOJO innovation, PURELL VF PLUS Hand Sanitizer, reportedly offers a broad-spectrum formulation, killing 99.99% of germs on hands, including the most common foodborne bacterial pathogens, in high-traffic, high touch areas, including restaurants, school cafeterias, grocery stores, convenience stores, and cruise ships. It is quick-drying and is said to feel as clean as PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer.

According to GOJO, this specialized formulation has been tested using the most up-to-date, testing methods and kills 99.99% of the most common foodborne bacterial pathogens.

PURELL VF PLUS Hand Sanitizer is designed to be pleasing to use like PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer, and is compatible with the latest dispenser technology, PURELL ES System, featuring AT-A-GLANCE refill design, energy-on-the-refill, and end-user personalization.

PURELL VF PLUS will also be available in 12-ounce and two-ounce bottles. Production began in January 2020.

The PURELL portfolio

The PURELL Brand Complete Protection Portfolio includes the most effective products from The PURELL SOLUTION, including PURELL VF PLUS Hand Sanitizer, working together to help protect building occupants and guests from germs that can cause illness, and to protect your business’s reputation with a proven, trusted brand.

Another PURELL solution for high-traffic facilities is the PURELL CXR REDIFOAM System, which the company says solved the high-traffic FM’s challenge of keeping counter-mount soap dispensers full and operational. The high-performance, top-fill fixture eliminates the hassles and hazards of removing heavy panels and crawling under counters to refill counter-mount soap systems.

The commercial-grade construction above and below the counter, designed with all metal components, is built to handle frequent use and keep soap systems operational. Additionally, as a closed system, it helps reduce the possibility of introduction of germs into the reservoir.

According to studies cited by GOJO, a full 80% of people surveyed said that seeing PURELL products left them with a more positive overall impression of the business.

For product questions about the new PURELL VF PLUS Hand Sanitizer, which began production in January 2020, contact TotalSolutionManagement@GOJO.com.