If your concrete is flaked or pitted, create a permanent wear-resistant surface with QUIKRETE’s new resurfacer

by Brianna Crandall — February 22, 2019 — Concrete repair is a high priority to many people, according to nearly 15 million QUIKRETE video views in 2018. Four of the top ten most viewed how-to videos on the QUIKRETE website and YouTube channel last year involved repair, with resurfacing concrete being the most popular.

QUIKRETE, a manufacturer of pre-blended commercial-grade cement and concrete products, says it is addressing this trend by “redefining concrete restoration” with its new QUIKRETE Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer. The product was introduced at the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas in January, and displayed at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas in February.

Bag of QUIKRETE Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer

QUIKRETE Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer repairs and renews worn, spalled concrete with a permanent wear-resistant surface made to withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic. Image courtesy QUIKRETE

Touted as an affordable and effective alternative to replacing worn concrete, QUIKRETE Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer was designed to repair and renew old, spalled concrete surfaces with a permanent wear-resistant surface that can withstand foot, vehicle and other heavy traffic. The new resurfacer has a bond to concrete that the company claims is four times stronger than the concrete itself. This means that a concrete substrate will fracture or crack before its bond with the resurfacer.

In addition, the resurfacer reportedly offers superior working time and flow characteristics. As a result, the company says, it is easier and faster to transform a deteriorated concrete surface into a durable, long-lasting sidewalk, driveway, curb, pool deck, floor or parking deck.

A proprietary blend of Portland cement, graded sand, polymer resins and other additives, QUIKRETE Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer is said to be a proven shrinkage-compensated repair material for making thin structural repairs to sound concrete in need of surface renewal. Applied with a squeegee, trowel or brush, one 40-pound bag will cover approximately 40 square feet at 1/8 inch thick, and up to 80 square feet as skim coat.

With a walk-on time of eight hours and drive-on time of 24 hours, it can renew a surface for 15 to 20 times less per square foot than the cost to remove and pour a new slab, says the company — and for far less labor. QUIKRETE notes that the resurfacer also extends the life of the concrete with a durable new surface that requires little maintenance, and can be stamped or colored.

For more information about the Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer (No. 1131-47), including a demo video and data sheet, or for information about QUIKRETE’s other concrete repair products such as its Advanced Polymer Sealants and  Adhesives, visit the company’s product pages.

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