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Read how Dawson County High School used flooring to create a beautiful, quieter space 

See how the right flooring can positively impact acoustics, installation, maintenance and costs over time

When Dawson County High School staff and students returned for the new school year, they were pleased to find not only a new performing arts center on campus, but also lots of updates to the main building, including new luxury vinyl tile and carpet tile from Interface. 

Because staff and students spend so much time inside the building, school officials took the opportunity of the remodel to create a more inviting look and feel for everyone. The cold, noisy, hard floors are gone and it has been noticed. “People say it feels a lot less institutionalized, more like home,” says Scott Morgan, director of facilities and maintenance for Dawson County Schools. “We painted all the classrooms too, which helped, but the LVT makes the most difference. Everybody loves it. There are two things everybody talks about. That it’s softer on the feet and somehow it just helps with the sound.”

A Little Breathing Room

With Interface’s glue-free installation system, TacTiles®, the LVT was installed directly over the existing VCT flooring. Morgan says it took about four weeks for the contractors to complete the job. “We didn’t have to remove the existing floor and there really wasn’t much floor prep needed. We just laid it down on top of the VCT after the wax layer was removed.”

TacTiles connectors join tiles to each other, not to the floor beneath. “That allows the floor to breathe too,” says Morgan. “So for those situations where you have glue coming up through the VCT, this is the perfect application for that.” Flooring contractor Mark Moxley, who completed a large part of the LVT installation at Dawson County High School, notes that TacTiles also allow for installations in higher moisture situations. He says, “I’ve had to do a lot of remediation over the years, but since you’re not applying glue directly to the floor, you have a lot more flexibility.”

Regarding this project, Moxley was very pleased with how it turned out. “It’s all filled so nicely,” he says. “A lot of times you run into these products that aren’t square at all. There’s not the continuity you’re looking for. This one is just really good.”

Taking a Systems Approach

A big plus for the school and installers is that Interface’s LVT is designed to closely match the height of its carpet tile backings, so there’s no need for transition strips where the two come together. Moxley says approvingly, “Whoever thought of that, it was great because transitions are always an issue,” he says. “But the way you can butt them up together, it’s a good deal.” And Interface carpet tile can be installed with the same TacTiles connectors you’re using for LVT, even where they meet.

The versatility of Interface’s LVT and modular carpet system is also allowing the school system to explore new ideas in other schools. Scott Morgan explains, “We liked the product and we love the fact that they are the same height so they can fit together seamlessly. For an elementary school application it’s perfect. We put the LVT in the classroom, built in a little carpet section in the middle and they both work together. We were really drawn to that.”

The Secret to a Longer Life

The CT101 carpet tile that Dawson County chose for areas in the new performing arts center and in office areas of the main building is one of Interface’s i2® styles. Pattern and color varies within one style and colorway so that tiles blend, not match, making it even easier for in-house staff to replace damaged tiles – even years later – without any tell-tale signs. Morgan says, “We have it [CT101] at our middle school. It has been there six years and still looks brand new.”

Facility: Dawson County High School
Location: Dawsonville, GA
Photography Credits: Nathan Bolster
Interface Products Shown: Level Set™ Textured Woodgrains – Distressed Black Walnut; CT101™ – Walnut


  • More inviting look and feel – The natural look and acoustic qualities of Interface’s LVT creates a warmer, quieter space for students and staff.
  • A Modular System – Interface LVT and carpet tile are made for each other, so there’s no need for transition strips where the two meet.
  • Glue-free installation – The TacTiles installation system is cleaner and more versatile than glue-down installations, minimizing floor prep now and later.
  • i2 Carpet Tile – i2 offers flexible, long lasting floors that are easy for in-house staff to maintain.

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