Recover Green Roofs launches informative Web site, first-of-its-kind meadow roof at Harvard

by Brianna Crandall — February 10, 2017 — In conjunction with the company’s seventh anniversary and the completion of a first-of-its-kind meadow roof in Boston, Recover Green Roofs unveiled a new Web site showcasing green roof projects across the Northeast.

Recover Web site home page screenshot

The Web site, designed to be a hub for green roof inspiration, highlights a full portfolio of commercial, residential, and institutional projects, and includes system specs, design summaries, photos and process videos.

“We hope the new Web site reflects the care and craftsmanship we put into all our projects and that it represents the great people we’ve worked with over the past seven years,” said Mark Winterer, co-owner and director of operations.

The Web site highlights a full portfolio of commercial, residential, and institutional projects, including a new, first-of-its-kind Omni Ecosystems meadow roof atop the McArthur/McCollum Building at Harvard Business School.

Meadow roof at Harvard Business School

Recover worked with Omni Ecosystems to install a multi-tiered meadow roof ecosystem, said to be the first of its kind installed in New England, on Harvard Business School’s McArthur/McCollum Hall.

Omni’s comprehensive growing media is an innovative, ultra-lightweight soil blend that functions in a similar way to a natural meadow ecosystem and can support a wider array of plants than typical extensive green roofs. The Harvard green roof sprouted from seed within three days and developed into a lush meadow of pollinator-friendly flowering buckwheat, calendula, aster, milkweed, clover, and ripe radishes within several weeks.

The new Web site also includes system specs, design summaries, photos, and process videos while providing mobile compatibility, offering green roof inspiration at home and on the go. An updated FAQs and benefits section answers common questions about Recover’s design-build process and identifies how green roofs function as innovative solutions for future urban landscapes.

Recover worked with Monica-H Designs to develop the new Web site.

“We hope the site can be a hub for green roof inspiration for Boston, New England, and beyond,” said Brendan Shea, co-owner and director of field operations.

Visit the new Recover Web site and view the Harvard McArthur/McCollum meadow roof online.