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See how the Alias Group built its space to promote productivity

Marketing company reinvents its existing space to support a more collaborative work environment

Launched in January of 2016, The Alias Group delivers sales and marketing solutions for its clients to help each one reach its unique growth identity and build a better business. In just two short years, the company gained fast recognition and, consequently, a number of new employees. But with more staff members, its small office quickly became overcrowded, so leadership decided it was time to expand. They reinvented the company’s current space to create a larger sales hub capable of supporting a more collaborative working environment. When it came to furnishing the newly renovated office, The Alias Group called on Office Basics and HON to provide modern furniture solutions and help design an inviting environment that would encourage teamwork and help inspire great ideas.

The Opportunity

After making the decision to expand, The Alias Group was looking to find a variety of furniture solutions for every space in its renovated office. So the company partnered with HON and Office Basics to outfit the entire workspace with stylish furniture and storage options that would maximize square footage, facilitate collaboration and provide comfortable, multi-purpose environments for employees to work, engage and relax.


Project type: CorporateBudget: $200K

Square footage: 8,000 sq. ft.


Arrange® Tables

Voi® Storage

Abound® Workstations

Ignition® Task Chairs

Flock® Tables

Coordinate® Sit-to-Stand

Motivate® Chairs

The Solution

“HON has a great product assortment with clean aesthetics that perfectly matched our client’s budget and style,” explains the Office Basics team. In almost every area throughout the office, the OBI team provided HON furniture solutions to turn empty spaces into stylish, useful environments. Convenient Coordinate sit-to-stand desks deliver an easy, height-adjustable option for seamless transitions between seated and standing positions throughout the workday. Modern workstations add color and style to the office, while providing employees with personal space for concentrated tasks. Finally, cozy common areas offer an inviting retreat for small group meetings, change-of-scenery workspace or break time.

The Results

The Alias Group’s renovated space is clean, flexible and functional—with plenty of solutions to support both individual and collaborative work styles. Today, its employees are settling into their new office. “We’re on our way to working in a more dynamic fashion—and that’s possible because of our new workspace,” says Alias Group representative, April Monigle. “The final renovation has such a positive vibe. It’s amazing how bright and invigorating the space feels now,” she adds. With an office environment that’s open, inviting and freshly furnished, The Alias Group is set for a successful future.

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