Energy, sustainability, preventive maintenance — find out how Siemens’ new Digital Service Center can help customers proactively achieve goals

by Brianna Crandall — October 6, 2017 — Siemens, a global provider of electrification, automation and digitalization solutions, has announced it is investing $14 million a year to establish a Digital Service Center in Austin, Texas, for its Building Technologies Division that expands its capabilities to help customers collect and convert data into real-time knowledge for faster, smarter decision-making. As a technology partner, service provider, system integrator and product vendor, Building Technologies has offerings for fire protection, life safety and security as well as building automation; heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC); and energy management.

The Siemens Americas Digital Service Center is devoted to delivering solutions to help customers navigate the transformation of the building technologies industry and drive additional value of buildings via operational and energy efficiencies. The 34,000-square-foot facility will operate as a digital hub, leveraging the talent of more than 130 full-time employees with expertise across a variety of specialties who have been brought together to provide an end-to-end approach for customers. Working as one digital team, their collaboration focuses on the delivery of innovative applications and analytics to provide outcome-based, digital services for the building space.

The team will leverage data from thousands of connected devices — including automation, video monitoring, security, fire, comfort, and safety systems — and use sophisticated software programs to evaluate rules and uncover the hidden value in the vast amount of data. This will enable Siemens to create exceptions for system use, identify new insights that translate into actionable information for users, and generate impactful outcomes for customers via remote service activities.

According to Dave Hopping, president of Siemens’ North America-based Building Technologies Division:

Digitalization is not a project — it is a process. By establishing a dedicated facility, we’re able to bring together experts in software development, IT, cyber security, remote and digital services, and business intelligence to leverage an end-to-end approach for our customers — combining smart technology and smart people. This new facility will bring the services we provide our customers to an even higher level in this evolving industry.

The Digital Service Center will leverage Siemens’ robust library of condition- and rule-based analytics to provide continuous improvements in the customer experience and support the company’s 8,000 field-based employees who deliver digital services every day. The combination of data-driven building systems, energy management tools, and services gives the unique ability to apply technology to plan preventive maintenance and predict problems before they occur, says the company. This focus on digital services is intended to help customers reduce costs, enhance operational efficiency, and elevate system performance for enhanced productivity.

Marcus Boerkei, head of the Americas Digital Service Center for Siemens’ Building Technologies Division, remarked:

Siemens has the technology and expertise to truly leverage data and IoT to connect buildings, to listen to buildings — they have a lot to say. Establishing our Digital Service Center enables Siemens to provide an end-to-end value chain for our customers, addressing their energy footprint and sustainability goals as well as their operations and maintenance needs — using prescriptive methods to ensure value and reliability of their assets.

The Digital Service Center is a strategic part of the overall Siemens Building Technologies delivery model, utilizing a holistic approach to allow additional creativity and foster new and better ways to create value for Siemens’ customers.