See how this updated Siemens platform integrates diverse building systems to boost your energy efficiency

by Brianna Crandall — February 7, 2020 — Desigo CC, the integrated building systems management platform from Siemens Smart Infrastructure, part of global technology powerhouse Siemens AG, has been updated to its fourth version (V4), making it suitable for use across a wider range of buildings.

The technology enables building operators to boost energy efficiency while ensuring the comfort and safety of tenants. Every construction, from commercial and residential buildings to educational and medical facilities, is compatible with Desigo CC, according to Siemens.

Desigo CC V4 building systems management software

Desigo CC V4 enables building operators to boost energy efficiency while ensuring the comfort and safety of tenants. Image courtesy Siemens

Equipped with multidiscipline support, including fire safety, power management, lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) and physical security, Desigo CC is designed to turn buildings into “living environments” that can interact with their occupants and adapt to their changing needs by collecting and analyzing building-generated data.

New features

Desigo CC V4 allows the fast integration of subsystems, such as the new connectivity extension modules for KNX over IP and M-bus TCP/IP, in addition to the already available BACnet, OPC, Modbus and SNMP modules. Through a set of libraries, it is possible to connect and represent common building automation devices with dedicated graphic templates. This delivers tangible benefits in several applications, such as monitoring lights and meters, and helps simplify engineering, says Siemens.

In addition, Desigo CC provides a new HTML5 web-based client, the Flex Client, which is available on devices such as laptops and tablets running on any operating systems and web browsers.

Users also now have a touch interface, which increases the possible environments of operation.

Along with these innovations, the Desigo CC V4 is equipped with a building information modeling (BIM) module. This provides a direct visualization of a building with real-time values, 3D models and 360° views, enabling control over every step of a building automation.

Users can also access data from geolocation tags and product data sheets at any time.

To manage consumption, power quality and stability of energy systems, the latest version of the Desigo CC building systems management platform comes with the Powermanager module. The newly added module helps spot and anticipate need for action in a simple manner with its dashboards in combination with an alarm function.

In addition to the Powermanager module, Desigo CC V4 features a new, intuitive cloud application, which allows operators to control and react to alarms and events from multiple buildings.

Desigo CC Compact

A new product portfolio extension, Desigo CC Compact, provides precise scalability and flexibility in usage also for small and medium-sized buildings. The Desigo CC compact version brings three software editions with it, focusing on single disciplines and small-to-medium-sized buildings to address customers’ needs.

Users can now choose between the following three software versions, depending on their areas of operation:

  • Desigo CC Compact software for building automation enables users to efficiently handle their projects with a focus on HVAC;
  • Desigo CC Compact for danger management supports fire and safety measures; and
  • Desigo CC Compact for electrical applications facilitates efficient operations for electrical installers through the automatic import of Engineering Tool Software (ETS) projects and native KNX integration.

 For more information about the updated Desigo CC V4 and the new Desigo CC Compact product extension, visit the Siemens website.