Trying to minimize wasted space? See how smart sensors can help

by Brianna Crandall — April 3, 2017 — PointGrab, developer of the CogniPoint edge-analytics smart sensing solution, just announced a partnership with Serraview, a provider of workplace management and optimization software. CogniPoint ​is preintegrated ​with Serraview’s cloud-based space planning software​ to help organizations transform their workplaces by delivering real-time space utilization intelligence, resulting in less wasted space, increased employee productivity and better talent attraction. ​The package is currently commercially available.​

The integration of CogniPoint into Serraview’s smart office environments solution allows organizations to collect data crucial to tracking and understanding how their employees work best, such as occupants’ presence, count and position in the workspace. By utilizing advanced deep-learning neural networks technology, CogniPoint delivers the actionable analytics necessary to optimize space management, energy savings and business intelligence.

Itamar Roth, PointGrab chief business officer, pointed out:

With the growth of mobile workforces, physical office spaces are frequently going unused. Organizations need to better understand how occupants are using workspaces so they can optimize space utilization and improve occupants’ overall productivity. Integrating our CogniPoint sensing technology with Serraview’s space management software expands PointGrab’s footprint in facility management and enables customers to access a complete space utilization solution.

Serraview’s smart office environment solution fosters a collaborative environment in a connected workplace. Timely and accurate utilization analysis aggregated from multiple data sources helps organizations make the best use of smart office environments and their entire workplace portfolio. Serraview’s intelligent wayfinding services remove the anxiety around non-assigned seating, helping employees easily find the right workspace and each other.

Stephen Macnee, Serraview CEO, stated:

Tracking and understanding space utilization allows organizations to create the most effective and efficient flexible workplace designs that meet the needs of each business team. Adding PointGrab’s CogniPoint technology to Serraview’s space management solution will give our customers the actionable utilization data needed to create agile work environments that enable collaboration and support business goals.

PointGrab cites research published by analysts at MarketsandMarkets that the smart-office / smart-workplace market “holds a great potential across the building automation industry,” and is expected to be worth $43.31 Billion by 2020, with compound annual growth of 10.70 percent. MarketsandMarkets says, “Smart office products help in promoting efficient use of available resources and also ensure sustainability through use of eco-friendly processes.”

For more information on how to minimize wasted space, visit the PointGrab and Serraview Web sites.