If you have inaccessible high areas to clean, watch for this popular European cleaning technology’s U.S. debut this fall

by Brianna Crandall — September 29, 2017 — Northampton, U.K.-based manufacturer SpaceVac has just announced its launch in the United States with the debut of SpaceVac USA. The new company — a collaboration between SpaceVac U.K. and the team at SpaceVac Canada, is set to move into the U.S. marketplace through the fall of 2017 following a successful launch at the recent ISSA Interclean event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The launch will make SpaceVac’s pioneering high-level cleaning technology available in the USA for the first time via a nationwide distribution deal that sees the systems available in all 50 states. The system — which allows operators to clean inaccessible areas high up from the ground floor — has reportedly already won plaudits across Europe and Canada, with companies including Sodexo, Ikea, Coca Cola and more quickly adopting the technology as part of their regular maintenance and cleaning.

Man cleaning pipes by ceiling with long SpaceVac tool

The SpaceVac line delivers a flexible range of cleaning solutions to FM companies and specialist cleaners worldwide.

Originally developed as a tool for clearing blocked guttering and downpipes, according to the company’s Web site, nearly a decade of refinement and development has seen the SpaceVac line grow to deliver a flexible range of cleaning solutions to facilities management companies and specialist cleaners worldwide.

The latest generation of internal and external cleaning systems features lightweight yet robust carbon fiber heads for reduced weight, and an innovative “Safety Locking” mechanism for total operator safety. In 2015, SpaceVac was reportedly the first system of its kind to be certified as safe for use in Division 2 Explosive Atmospheres, building a new anti-static system from the ground up to ensure spark-free use in highly dangerous explosive atmospheres.

Kunal Patel, MD of SpaceVac U.K., stated:

This deal represents a very exciting next chapter in the SpaceVac story — the response we’ve seen across Europe and elsewhere overseas has been phenomenal, with orders literally leaving the workshop daily. By bringing the system to America we think we are well on track to consolidating our position as the leading name in high-level cleaning.

CEO of SpaceVac USA Stewart Tyler added:

Following an excellent response from the Canadian marketplace and a growing pipeline of enquiries from the United States, SpaceVac launches here at a very exciting time. The system drew quite a crowd at the recent Interclean show, and we are looking forward to helping now keep America working “Higher, Safer and Faster.”

The rollout — which is already underway — will be supported in full by the SpaceVac U.K. team, including week-long training and demonstration camps with new distributors and partners already taking place in Kansas and Texas, with a full rollout taking place through the fall of 2017.

For more information or to watch a demo video on the high-level cleaning technology, visit the SpaceVac USA Web site.