Star India deploys HID Mobile Access to improve security for 2,500 employees at corporate HQ

by Brianna Crandall — February 15, 2017 — HID Global, a worldwide provider of trusted identity solutions, just announced that its intuitive HID Mobile Access solution, powered by Seos, has been selected by Star India, said to be the country’s largest multimedia entertainment company, to secure the entrances and doors of its Mumbai headquarters.

HID Mobile Access

HID Mobile Access, powered by Seos, provides secure, intuitive access control using a mobile device.

Star India issued 2,500 mobile IDs to its employees’ smartphones and installed numerous mobile-ready iCLASS SE readers at doors and gates throughout the 32-story building. The company says HID Mobile Access meets its “extremely high” security standards and will help achieve better security “without being intrusive or compromising the user experience.”

Mobile IDs, a core component of HID Mobile Access, were provisioned via the solution’s robust online portal, making it possible for Star India’s IT administrators to issue or revoke mobile IDs quickly, easily and efficiently. Whenever a new employee joins the company, the IT administrators can effortlessly enroll them into the system by simply sending the employee an e-mail invitation. The system-generated e-mail contains directions and an activation code for the recipient to download and use the HID Mobile Access App. Upon entering the code and successfully activating the app, the employee can begin using their mobile device to unlock doors and gates at Star India.

With positive feedback, Star India is currently exploring options to deploy HID Mobile Access to secure its canteen as well as its collaboration spaces. The company is also considering expanding the scope of the solution to cover the management of its visitors and to enable secure printing in the future.

For more information, visit the HID Mobile Access page on the company’s Web site.