How will sustainability fare in the Trump era?

by Brianna Crandall — April 17, 2017 — Building software provider Lucid and energy data company Urjanet have announced the results of a 2017 Sustainability Outlook Survey. While it is clear the Trump Administration’s views on sustainability and climate change differ from those of the Obama Administration, overall results are in favor of sustainability, say the partners.

In the summary report, “Sustainability in the Era of Trump,” the researchers found the commitment to sensible energy use, conservation and sustainability as a profession are cemented in the business practices and attitudes of sustainability professionals, facilities managers and owners across the United States.

The partners highlight these survey results as some of the most interesting:

  • 73% of survey respondents say sustainability will remain a priority in 2017.
  • 21% state that they will increase sustainability efforts in 2017.
  • Energy use is a cornerstone of sustainability efforts, with 85% of respondents citing it as a key focus of sustainability efforts.
  • 51% cite water consumption as a key focus.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there will be nearly a quarter million new jobs in corporate sustainability by 2018, and there are currently over 2 million U.S. jobs related to green building.

The results of the survey, combined with a myriad of statistics and facts available on sustainability and energy conservation, indicate that sustainability is alive and well, regardless of certain attitudes and policies at the federal level, conclude Lucid and Urjanet.

As states, municipalities, organizations, corporations, professionals and citizens remain focused on saving energy and reducing the effects of climate change, it seems that sustainability will continue to be a key factor in building, operating and using buildings.

The full 2017 Sustainability Outlook Report is available to download from the Lucid Web site with sign-in. The companies are also offering a Webinar panel to discuss the results in further detail on Thursday, April 20. Register on the Lucid site.