See how this simple plug-and-play device can help you reduce energy consumption in computer workstations

by Brianna Crandall — November 29, 2017 — TrickleStar, a designer and manufacturer of products that conserve energy and reduce electricity consumption, recently announced the release of its USB Motion Sensor, which the company says is a highly accurate power management solution that reduces the energy consumed in computer workstations by putting the computer into sleep mode while it is not in use.

Small black USB Motion Sensor

The plug-and-play sensor does not require additional software and can be plugged directly into the computer’s USB port.

The TrickleStar USB Motion Sensor does not require additional software and can be plugged directly into the computer’s USB port. When there is inactivity for a set amount of time (adjustable from 5 to 30 minutes), a command is sent to the computer and it is placed into sleep mode, minimizing wasteful energy consumption.

The sensor can easily be deployed across workstations with different operating systems, points out the company. This means that whether it is implemented in one home computer or thousands of workstations in a corporate setting, the sensor is designed to offer plug-load power management that increases efficiency and saves money.

The solution is engineered to maximize energy savings for desktop computers, notebooks with docking stations and notebooks with external monitors. When the device is plugged into a computer USB port, it begins monitoring activity in the workstation and, if no motion is detected for an established amount of time, automatically places the computer into sleep mode. No special software or programming is required, and the sensor requires no additional drivers or applications.

The USB Motion Sensor is also ideal for information technology (IT) administrators who are focused on network security, as they are able to avoid installing power management software on the network. They can simply plug the device into all company workstations, and computers go into sleep mode in minutes so users are not logged in when away from their desks.

According to a report prepared by Ecos for the California Energy Commission cited by TrickleStar, computers and monitors accounted for the largest share of energy among the office plug loads included in the study, at 66 percent. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that many users do not correctly configure the energy-saving settings on their computers, resulting in even more energy wasted.

Mark Hardwick, TrickleStar director of Business Development, stated:

Studies show that small power equipment like computers and monitors are an increasingly significant source of energy end-use when left on or in an active state. The Environment Protection Agency estimates that fewer than 10 percent of US-based computers are configured to take full advantage of energy-saving features. The USB Motion Sensor solves these problems by reducing the amount of active power wasted when computers are left on while not in use. What’s more, there is no software that needs to be installed. It is a simple plug-and-play device that can be deployed right out of the box.

Find out more about USB Motion Sensors on the TrickleStar Web site. The TS1910 – USB Motion Sensor is currently available for individual purchase on the site, as well as on and from a network of distributors, resellers and retailers.